TODAY   |  April 28, 2014

TODAY goes backstage at ‘The Voice’

TODAY takes viewers behind the scenes of the hit singing competition to reveal the massive amount of effort that goes into the show.

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>>> series "the voice on today." carson is getting set for the live performances on "the voice."

>> he took us inside to show you what it takes to put on such a massive show. take a look. after all your words

>> the top ten artists wasted no time. you can't get here fast enough

>> after two were sent home tuesday, those who survived spent hours rehearsing songs and consulting with their coaches, preparing for tonight's performances. no one feels the pressure more than team shakira's tess boyer, who was in the bottom three last week and avoided elimination when fans voted to save her during the final five minutes of the show.

>> there honestly has not been a point in the show that i have not felt pressure because i've been on such a wild ride. i'm just really excited because this is a whole different song. it's a new approach that i'm going to take. and i promise to not be in the bottom three next time.

>> it takes a staff and crew of about 600 people to stage one live show, with 12 set changes, more than 1,900 lights, and superstar performances. i can't live

>> last night, the british pop and r&b group rixton rehearsed their hit "me and my broken heart." they're the opening act for tonight's show. all i need's a little love in my life

>> but the main attraction will be ten mostly unknown artists giving it all they've got singing for america's vote and title of "the voice." let her go

>> nice. don't let go. you can catch "the voice" tonight at 8:00/7:00 central here on nbc.