TODAY   |  April 28, 2014

Study: Women look in the mirror 50 minutes a day

New research from Dove finds that women spend 50 minutes daily in front of their own reflections, and have a complicated relationship with mirrors. TODAY’s anchors reveal their own reactions to what they see in the looking glass.

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>>> "today's" "love your selfie" is brought to you by dove. dove wants every woman's encounter with the camera to be a positive affirmation of her beauty.

>> and we're back now with more of our ongoing series "love your selfie." we started the conversation about body image two months ago. and this week, our goal is to help you reclaim beauty by sharing personal stories from people who redefine what beauty actually looks like.

>> okay, we're going to start with a menace to many, mirrors. new research from dove found that women have, shall we say, a complicated relationship with mirrors. on average, we spend 50 minutes a day every day, each month looking at our own reflection. so we decided to take on a hall of mirrors ourselves to get this conversation started and share our reactions.

>> when i look in the mirror , i see someone who's changing a lot these days. i'm pregnant, and i look different than i did before. but i'm happy about that.

>> i see an older version of me. maybe even a younger version of my dad.

>> i look in the mirror , and i see me. a guy -- you know, approaching 60. bald. african-american.

>> i see a 41-year-old woman who works hard to stay in shape, has a couple more wrinkles than i've had in the past.

>> i see myself and i feel very uncomfortable. i don't like looking at myself, because it doesn't match up with how i feel. i don't like mirrors in general.

>> right now, my boobs. they're huge. and they're out of control.

>> i see the guy from mtv. oh, my god. carson daly , how are you?

>> i look to see if there are bags under my eyes or if i look pale and drawn because, obviously sleep is a big issue in my life, so i always look to see if i look tired.

>> just looking for the bags under the eyes . how much sleeplessness they show.

>> i just want to make sure the fly is zipped. everything's tucked in. you just want to make sure everything is, you know, where it's supposed to be.

>> i am not fond of my arms. they are flab-tastic.

>> the turkey waddle.

>> there are day where is i think my ears are too pointy and look kind of elfy.

>> i remember myself being a little more filled out, and the older i get, i seem to be wasting away a little bit.

>> i love my baby bump. i love the fact that i'm 42 years old and lucky enough to get this chance, and the human body is remarkable. and divinely inspired, i think, to be able to create life. so right now, i'm just loving that my body is able to do this and produce life.

>> i really try not to look in the mirror all that much. it's not because i don't like what i see. i think it's just more i've come to know my face well. i know who i am. and at this point, it's all about just maintaining what i have.

>> i don't avoid mirrors, but i'm not one who likes to stare in them. and if i do find myself staring in them, it's probably because i notice that i had, you know, lettuce in my teeth.

>> i think it's a lot different for men than it is for women. i don't think we see the mirror as our enemy or anything like that. it's just, you know, it is what it is. that's what's there.

>> when i had hair that was thinning and starting to show that male pattern baldness , and it was longer, i spent a lot of time looking in the mirror and i probably did a lot of this as well. but these days, i don't spend that much time looking in the mirror because i kind of know what to expect.

>> my new thing, i don't know if it's because i'm getting older, i get closer to mirrors because it's not as bad the closer you are. the further away i am, it feels worse.

>> i probably look in a mirror four times a day or five times a day. i look in the morning when i wake up and i'm shaving. i look when i get to work and i'm in the makeup room. i probably look when i get home, maybe i'm changing to put on something that's more casual for the afternoon, and then i guess i look when i'm going out to dinner, if i get dressed to go out to dinner. probably also look when i'm brushing my teeth at night as well.

>> i guess the man boobs, i wish they were more dwayne johnson like, where they could move on their own, perform tricks, fill out taxes, this evenings like that.

>> i'd like to be a little smaller. i'd like to wave the wand and lose my insatiable appetite for alcohol and eating fine meals. i like to indulge, and i think i would like to be able to curb that a little bit more and have a little more discipline. but what the hell, i work with blake shelton .

>> there you go.

>> it is interesting, though, how men and women are different around mirrors and they get different type of emotional feedback from a mirror .

>> a mirror can make me grumpy all day. it really can.

>> and i think guys, we tend the look and go, it's not so bad. we're not that critical.

>> i think there's a perception that if someone looks in the mirror a lot, they really love themselves. i think the opposite is true. i think if you see someone who's constantly looking at their reflection, if it's a woman, more likely than not, they're thinking, why do i look this way? i need to put some lipstick on.

>> what you need to do is do what al and i have done. the most liberating thing. you've got to go bald. it just takes the pressure of the mirror right away.

>> it would save me 45 minutes in the morning trying to make this hair straight.

>> the best part of that is your little outfits.

>> full sweater around the net.

>> every afternoon at home, that's how i look.

>> they took them right from your closet.

>> the dove study had a statistic that said one in five women said looking in the mirror can sometimes make them feel bad the rest of the day. so i'm