TODAY   |  April 28, 2014

Survey: Guests spend $600 to attend weddings

This year, guests are expected to spend an average of about $600 per wedding, a 75 percent jump in just two years, according to details of a new survey released Wednesday.

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>> if you have planned a wedding recently, you know that costs are soaring.

>> know anyone?

>> but brides and grooms are not the only ones feeling the pinch. guests are expected to spend more, too.

>> it cost me a fortune to go to your wedding.

>> hey, it was worth it.

>> thank you. thank you very much. actually, the cost for guests to attend a wedding is about $600 per wedding this year. that is up 75% from two years ago. doesn't even include the gift. just things like travel, hotel stay, and of course, us gals we've got to get a new outfit.

>> experts say the guests feel the need to keep up as weddings get more lavish. there is some good news. couples are apparently trying to make it all worthwhile for friends. those back rubs. more per guest on food and entertainment. we have a lot of producers in their late 20s, young 30s. you get to that age where you're out of college several years and you go through a wave of like nine weddings in a summer, it adds up.

>> and the next wave is baby showers . 20s and 30s.

>> i want you to know, my kids only ate two