TODAY   |  April 28, 2014

What should happen to Clippers owner Donald Sterling?

TODAY viewers weigh in online on the future of L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling, with 85 percent voting that he be forced to resign from basketball operations. Tamron Hall reports from the Orange Room.

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>>> those disturbing allegations of racism against the owner of the nba 's los angeles clippers . tamron's in the orange room . what are people saying?

>> well, we asked people, guys, to cast their vote. and what they think should happen to donald sterling . we gave a couple of options. but the overwhelming decision, at least according to the people who went on on our facebook page, forced to resign from basketball operations. 85% say that should be the option. basically, that would mean he would not handle the day-to-day oversight of the team, but he still would remain the owner. 8% said no punishment. 4% said fine. 3% say suspended. one of the comments from shanna north, he needs to be educated on racism and make a public apology. he should also have to do community service . that will enhance the education on racism. tanya francis says punishing him isn't going to change his opinions. he has a constitutional right to freedom of speech . doesn't have to be politically correct and others don't have to agree with it. however, the nba does have a contract with its owners and it's clear that they are looking at the options available. so yes, he has a right to say it under what tanya says, but the nba has a right to act on it since he is one of the owners of the team. elise says he just needs to take accountability and own up to his remarks. an apology is necessary. keep your comments coming. #orangeroom. let us know your thoughts on this story that is not going away any