TODAY   |  April 27, 2014

Love Your Selfie: A look at our own body image

As part of TODAY’s “Love Your Selfie” series, the Weekend TODAY crew takes a long hard look in the mirror and tries to reclaim how they view themselves – and beauty.

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>> well, according to recent dove mirrors research, nine out of ten women say they feel bad by about themselves when they look at their reflection, but according to our own "today" aol survey on body image , men also worry about their bodies. specifically their stomachs.

>> here's a little glimpse into how the four of us feel in front of a mirror .

>> i see a guy who has made a great effort to take care of himself, and at 55 i think i'm looking all right.

>> i judge my outfit, see if my hair is okay.

>> i have seen the same jenna that i have known since the first time i ever looked in the mirror .

>> usually i'm trying to see how my clothes fit. how an outfit looks. whether it makes me look bigger, whether it makes me look smaller, if i feel comfortable in it.

>> my posture and clothes hang or don't hang well on me.

>> i would say i'm looking for just to be happy with what i'm wearing.

>> you're kind of just looking to give yourself a pat on the back and say you're okay. you're put together.

>> i love my smile. i think it kind of lights up my whole face.

>> i love my eyes.

>> i love my arms.

>> because i just had a baby a few months ago, i am proud muff to say that i look in the mirror and i love my progress.

>> i'm not fond of my receding hairline. a lot more forehead than there used to be.

>> i p not fond of how pale i am right now, but that's winter for you.

>> i'm not fond of my lower half.

>> nine times out of ten i am not fond of my hair. i have never had cool persons hair where you get out of a shower and it just falls into place.

>> mirrors are a blessing and a curse . sometimes you feel really good in your skin, and then you see yourself in a mirror , and the image that's reflected isn't the one you had in your head.

>> i don't hate them. i don't really look in mirrors all that much.

>> i think i look healthy and trim and fit, and i don't sigh that in a boastful way. i say it because i feel like my hard work is beginning to pay off.

>> relatively happy. i look like i'm ready to conquer the world .

>> right now i look uncomfortable. how i look in the mirror dpepdz on the moment. not even the day, but on the moment.

>> okay. i looked in the mirror , i don't like this or that, but it's me, and i'm going to live with it, and i'm happy to just be me because i think that's more important.

>> can i amend my comment? i'm not okay looking at myself on tv looking in the mirror .

>> i will second that.

>> it's a little weird.

>> it's uncomfortable when you are forced to stand there and look at yourself and talk about what you see. to say the words out loud, did you feel the same way?

>> i am judging my voishgs and then --

>> i can't --

>> that was really awkward.

>> let's talk about each other. that would be fun.

>> we're all beautiful.

>> this conversation will continue all weeklong on "today," and we want to hear from you. what's it like for you when you look in the mirror and what would it be like if you talked out loud when you did it? head over to and tell us what you see when you look in