TODAY   |  April 27, 2014

Weekend TODAY goes behind the scenes of 'The Voice'

The Weekend TODAY crew got a chance to spend some time with the house band that turns “The Voice” contestants’ dreams into reality.

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>>> more of our behind the scenes tour of "the voice" where we quickly learned that there is a whole lot of work that goes into making those contestants sound and look their best.

>> quick set changes and the house band plays its heart out for every singer. it's not always an easy job. the four of us offered a little help.

>> reporter: it's been compared to putting on the emmys or mtv awards twice a week. on this first night of the live "voice" shows auerbach stage pass put us in the middle of a whirlwind.

>> you have to think about what you are going to say.

>> is it live?

>> this is not live. don't worry.

>> we checked out the trailers where the coaches and host carson daley prep for the big night . the preparty and where the finalists support each other.

>> do you guys like hanging out each other. you don't feel competitive at all?

>> to ready for tonight's performances, each contestant got just 30 minutes with the house band . that could help turn their dreams into success stories and melodys into show stoppers . for up to 12 hours day the six-member "voice" band collaborates arrangements from classic rock 'n' roll to pop chart toppers. palmer, formerly of the band white snake and nelson, is the musical director.

>> it's seven days a week anywhere from 15, 16 songs on an easy week to 25 to 30 songs on finale week.

>> reporter: it's a grueling schedule and tests the contestants, their coaches, and the band.

>> we never know what they want to do until they come in. when it's something completely different, we make it up on the spot, all of us today.

>> sitting in the crowd just as we did, you can only imagine the pressure, but tonight we get a taste of what it's like to stand in their shoes. i've been invited to grab a bass guitar and rehearse the "voice" band.

>> do we have any singers?

>> we had the band. what we didn't have were lead vocals. that is until jenna, erica, and dylan joined us on stage. signed sealed delivered i'm yours

>> there you go.

>> reporter: we'll work this out without the benefit of celebrity coaches. signed, sealed delivered, i'm yours

>> reporter: for a moment in time the impossible was made possible. the band made us sound good.

>> notice we we didn't show the chairs that didn't turn around.

>> or sing any more than four words. we only sang four good words.

>> luckily, there were three backup singers who were very helpful with us, and they were telling us when to sing.

>> tell us when to go.

>> we were having fun, but those folks were working hard. i almost felt bad getting in their way because we put on a live show, but nothing on the level of what they were doing.

>> you mentioned the production too. set changes, it was amaze, we were stepping over pyro technics. they kept saying be very careful, it's pyro technics.

>> lester got off the plane, went into the studio, picked up a bass guitar , and you did. you just were -- you just jammed right on with them. you didn't need practice. you didn't.

>> you fit right in. you did such a good job.

>> that's okay.

>> i think it's coming. it's definitely in the mail. they'll call you.

>> we had a blast.

>> we want to say thank you to carson too because he is such a great host to us, and he walked us all around and took so much time with us.

>> it was very special.

>> he did. you walk with the host, you feel special.

>> not so bad. of course, tomorrow night the remaining ten finalists are singing for the chance to make it into the top eight. you can watch the live shows of "the voice" on monday and tuesday night starting at 8:00, 7:00 central. where else? right here on nbc.