TODAY   |  April 27, 2014

The ‘Bollywood Oscars’ heat up Tampa

Bollywood’s top honors, the International Indian Film Academy awards, have taken over Tampa, Florida. NBC’s Kerry Sanders takes a look at the glamour, mystique, and the stars.

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>> reporter: here taking selfies with fans, and they are as big as they get, but not in hollywood . rather, in bollywood .

>> i have to ask, you look wonderful tonight . who are you wearing?

>> these illfa awards have never been held in the united states until now.

>> if they are to call this the oscars of bollywood ?

>> yeah, i guess --

>> she wrote and stars in the new bollywood short "i went shopping for robert deniro ." india produces 1,000 movies a year, twice what hollywood makes.

>> the silver lining --

>> this man known here for his role in "silver linings playbook" has acted in an astonishing 483 movies in india .

>> i say there were only twa ways of getting entertainment. watching movies. we were number one in both.

>> in tampa kevin spacey is sharing acting techniques and john travolta is also here, and why tampa ? the city's mayor, who is not indian, actively courted the awards after hosting the republican national convention in 2012 . vivet is like an american star in india . a heart throb, who is the voice of electro. the hindi release of "the amazing spiderman 2." an honor he says, but --

>> it's not like i have to get to hollywood . even if i'm playing a little cab driver there. it's not that anymore. that is out because bollywood is just so big.

>> how big? the iilfa awards show is in the same tampa stadium that has hosted four super bowls . each of those games was viewed by 120 million people. when this awards show is broadcast, it will be seen by 800 million. bollywood on u.s. soil. for today kerry sanders , nbc news, tampa .