TODAY   |  April 27, 2014

Popes canonized: What does this mean for future of the church?

Vatican spokesman Greg Burke discusses the canonization of Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII and how it signifies a great sense of unity for the Roman Catholic Church.

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>>> not only with the canonization with two popes is it an important day for the catholic church , but we got a chance to see pope francis and pope meritus benedict . we turn to greg burky, a vatican spokesman. good morning to you. both the former popes were canonized. they represent almost bookends of the modern era of the catholic church . what message was the pope trying to send in doing this?

>> reporter: lester, i think it's pretty simple. it was unity. the pope is all about unity in the church. the church is a welcoming place. you know, you can play a lot on the whole factions, how much that's true, how much it's not. certainly they're both very involved in the second vatican council . john xxiii calling it, and really john paul ii implementing it to such a degree, but i think it's an incredible sign of unity, and also a day of great joy.

>> for noncatholic who's are watching all the pageantry and the special occasion , explain the significance of becoming a saint.

>> reporter: well, lester, you know, sainthood has a really interesting history, and that is it started with the martyrs. people who gave their life for the faith and the fact that the other christians would go there to the tombs to pay their respects. now, essentially that's what's happening here as well. you're seeing people come essentially because they say they gave their lives for the faith, if not literally, but at least in the way they lived their lives. essentially these are the heroes of christianity, and that's how the church sees them. i think most believers want to arrive at a day when they meet their maker, and he says well done. good and faithful servant. that's what's happening here. the church saying, well done good and faithful servants. stwloo we enjoyed seeing that brief picture of pope francis and pope ameritus benedict greeting each other. what's the relationship between the two these days?

>> reporter: well, i think it's -- francis has actually encouraged benedict to come out, and this is a great sign also. we return to the theme of wrunty. benedict had wanted to disappear. for the most