TODAY   |  April 26, 2014

Lester forms ‘forced friendship’ with Seth Meyers

Funny things happen when a serious journalist meets a talk-show host in a “Late Night” sketch dubbed "Forced Friendship with Seth and Lester."

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>>> love this video. this is "today" on nbc .

>>> lester is out working on making some new friends on nbc . late night host seth meyers recently spent the day with our very serious host lester holt . take a look.

>> are you lost?

>> no, i'm seth. they asked us to hang out. they want us to be friends.

>> good evening. i'm lester holt nbc news. i don't appreciate jokes, goofs or spoofs. friendship is about respect and you cannot respect a clown. thank you.

>> for real?

>> i'm sorry, are you eating a plate of lettuce?

>> i am. i eat neutral foods. it keeps me unbiased on the air. what is that orange and red triangle on your plate?

>> pizza.

>> the italian food dish for children.

>> you know what pizza is.

>> you are not a man.

>> i am a man.

>> i did see one of your shows once.

>> really?

>> once. you see a headline, then make fun of it and then they laugh.

>> the monologue joke.

>> it's disgusting.

>> great.

>> it's like a five-minute sketch. the entire thing is hysterical.

>> i loved it. i saw it yesterday and thought i hope people don't really think i'm that stuffy.

>> i think people know that you're not.

>> i think it shows the great comedic timing you have. you were shooting that a long time.

>> we were in 30 rock , went over to bryant park , in our carousel scene there where i said i was thrilld with joy. the writers were terrific. they sent this to me and said we've got to do it.

>> it's hilarious.

>> you have to watch the whole thing.

>> i look forward to the next installment.