TODAY   |  April 26, 2014

Purr-fect together: ‘Cat café’ opens in New York City

Some are calling it crazy, while others claim it’s a purr-fect idea. But everyone can call it The Cat Café, where the coffee’s free, the food’s free, and even the felines are free. NBC’s Joelle Garguilo reports.

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>>> welcome back on a saturday morning. there's a new cafe here in new york city where people don't mind waiting for hours to get inside.

>> it's first of its kind in the united states . once you're in, you'll find cool cats everywhere.

>> literally.

>> joelle garguilo checks it out.

>> can i get you a cat'achino?

>> what?

>> you heard it correctly. some calling it crazy, others a perfect idea. everyone can call it this. the cat cafe.

>> we're here, encouraging a larger conversation wiabout cat health.

>> reporter: north shore animal league of america a four-day pop-up shop here in new york city . people tend to cuddle up to cute kitties while sipping their coffee and, yes, all of these fantastic felines are up for adoption.

>> hey, sweetie, what's your name?

>> reporter: while it's the first of its kind in america, the people behind it are, well, copy cats . cafes like this are big in europe and asia.

>> this cat cafe may be on to something.

>> reporter: the way to get in may not require nine lives but you will need patience.

>> i've been waiting on line for an hour.

>> reporter: rivalling that of the hottest clubs. the cat cafe, coffee's free, food's free, even the feline. s are free. ask yourself this, can you really put a pricing it on companionship? joelle garguilo.

>> i'm allergic to cats so