TODAY   |  April 26, 2014

TODAY goes behind the scenes of ‘The Voice’

Now in its sixth season, “The Voice” is one of America’s most popular reality shows. Lester, Erica, Jenna and Dylan drop by the set just hours before the show airs live for the first time this season.

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>>> back now on a saturday morning with a fantastic group outing we all took recently. if you're watching "the voice" on monday night, you may have noticed the familiar faces on the crowd, our friend, carson daly , giving us a nice shout out.

>> a behind the scenes tour before they went live for the first time this season. it was a trip to remember. now in its sixth season, every monday and tuesday, 10 million americans tune in to watch "the voice."

>> well done.

>> headliners adam levine , black shelton, usher and shakira form teams of would-be superstars all vying to be this year's winner. it takes a staff and crew of 600 people to put on one live show with 12 set changes and more than 1,900 lights. the studio audience , made up of 850 fans.

>> i couldn't help but notice.

>> make that 854 fans. all my pictures

>> at stake, a record deal and the title of "the voice." team blake's stay-at-home mom sisaundra lewis says she's living her dream.

>> i'm going to leave it and let the american public do what they need to do and i hope that they will vote for me to stay on and continue this journey and this dream. i've been laying here praying praying she won't call

>> i still have to pinch myself. is this real life ? am i really doing this? you'll get it and you'll be gone i'll be crying

>> hours before performing live, the remaining artists show no signs of nerves.

>> this is a great area here. this is where the artists are just before they go on stage for the live shows .

>> show of hands , for how many of you is this the best ride you've ever been on your life, hands down? really? really? that's awesome.

>> i've also been to six flags.

>> six flags is a close second. close second. we're huge fans of yours.

>> likewise.

>> we wish you guys all the best.

>> hey, i'm ready.

>> but on live tv you never know what will happen.

>> we'll cue you.

>> sneak peek behind the scenes experience of "the voice" will continue tomorrow on "today." three of the best backup singers around or so they will tell you as i join "the voice's" house band .

>> we're good when the sound is down.

>> can you play really loud?

>> not lester.

>> exactly.

>> when our sound is down. lester is fantastic.

>> what was the song we did?

>> signed sa eed sealed delivered.

>> i love that song. i can't get enough. love that song. good song.

>> don't forget, can you watch "the voice" live monday and tuesday night starting at 8:00, 7:00 central here on nbc.