TODAY   |  April 26, 2014

New details emerge about Korea ferry disaster

Search efforts for 115 missing students continue in deteriorating weather conditions as charges of negligence are filed against the ship’s crew members. NBC’s Bill Neely reports.

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>>> heading now to the latest in that ferry disaster out of south korea . four more crew members were detained by authorities. this morning, we are seeing more pictures inside that boat taken as the disaster unfolded. bill neely is in south korea with more on that. good morning, bill.

>> reporter: good morning, erica. real frustration here for the families of more than 100 missing students with searching suspended today. and with a storm approaching, it may stay suspended for some days to come. the police boats are returning empty. no bodies have been brought ashore for a day. they wait for 115 still missing. the rescuers withdrawn, due to strong currents and high tides. the families fear their children will never be found. fishing nets have been strung under boats of the sunken ferry. a circle of eight miles to stop bodies from being swept out to sea. the weather here is set to deteriorate and that will hamper the recovery of the bodies much to the fury of the families, who say that operation is already far too slow. divers report seeing children clutching each other. 48 crammed together in one room. they just can't get them out. these photos were posted by one of the students who is still missing. the ship is sinking, he wrote. more than two dozen students huddled here without life jackets . prosecutors say they were the victims of negligence. investigators found cargo restraints on the ferry's sister ship didn't work. life rafts on the sunken ferry couldn't be freed. the cargo was overweight, the steering faulty. four more crew members have now been arrested meaning all 15 crew responsible for navigating the ship are now in custody. they say they tried to stabilize it, but couldn't. the long wait goes on for so many families. they have cried their way to exhaustion, most now get medical help. doctors say they're traumatized and trapped, too, waiting for a search that, for now, is going nowhere. but the investigation hasn't stopped prosecutors from building a case against the ferry operators, who they suspect broke so many safety rules. erica?

>> bill neely for us this morning. bill, thank you.