TODAY   |  April 25, 2014

5 travel picks for $100 or less per night

Darley Newman from Budget Travel magazine researched five family travel options for $100 or less per night, including Myrtle Beach, a Norwegian cruise, and the Dominican Republic.  

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>>> we're back on this try day friday with the special you asked for it edition of "today" filled with stories you said you would like to see.

>> one thing you wanted was longer segments. because we had to cut bobbie off earlier, she'll stick around to show us how she puts the false eyelashes on a little bit later.

>> now we have affordable travel choices for real budgets.

>> that's right. from sunny beach getaways to cruises and resorts with plenty of amen tiityamenities, here with options that won't break the bank is "budget travel" contributing editor darlene newman. these are affordable. what our viewer is really asking about.

>> affordable meaning under $100 a day. that is a great rate.

>> can't stay home for that.

>> better not.

>> myrtle beach is one you chose.

>> myrtle beach , that's where i'm from. so close to my heart. but beautiful wide sandy beaches, great for multiple generations. grandparents, parents, kids, everyone can have fun there. you can go play ski baee ball or have amazing night life . there are so many amazing options. there is tons for everyone to do in myrtle beach .

>> where can you stay?

>> we have a great west gate ocean front resort, ocean front, and $75 and up. there is a beautiful heated pool. kids eat free. that's nice and family friendly .

>> and cruises are also something a lot of families like to take together.

>> cruises are popular. they're popular with budget travel readers. the norwegian getaway. how about the eastern part of the caribbean? that's where this sails. a brand-new ship, huge. one of these floating cities . there is tons to do on the ship, of course, including things like mini golf . but there are 28 different dining options. so if you're a foodie this might be a good choice for you. and if you love the eastern caribbean , you can see beautiful spots like nassau and st. thomas and the price, you can't beat it. $449 for seven days. that's --

>> $449?

>> amazing.

>> is that for food and everything?

>> yes, $65 a day for this cruise. we should be on it, right?

>> all right. so you say let's head north to atlantic, canada.

>> this is a lesser known -- charming. lesser known destination. we're talking about nova scotia in atlantic, canada. here you can go out and do wonderful outdoor adventure activities, whether you want to do whale watching or kayaking. you are going to love this. because nova scotia boasts more pubs per capita than anywhere else in the world. so, hello, i know we're loving this.

>> long winters there in nova scotia .

>> exactly.

>> it is charming. there is a wine region of nova scotia , a mini napa valley . you can have your beer, your wine, i suggest doing the whale watching first. and you can stay at the smuggler's cove inn. charming, cozy, right on the water, $99 and up. we're just under $100 there.

>> great. the dominican republic , one of my favorite spots. i love the beaches there. and those are affordable too.

>> this is an affordable all inclusive option. the iberostar, right on the beach in a prime location. there is a massive pool here and, again, i have this top shelf drinks are included here. so you can get a cocktail by the pool, top shelf of your choice, all inclusive. and go out and do tons of great adventure activities and, of course, enjoy the north part of the dominican republic .

>> beautiful. all right. and which of the all inclusives do you love the most?

>> i love anything that is all inclusive that is just -- it is going to give me adventure activities, good for the whole family and i love not taking out my wallet for the whole day. that's nice. you don't want to sit at dinner and someone is haggling over the bill, especially if you're with a group. great idea.

>> and chicago .

>> chicago , first of all, you think cities are going to be extensive and they can be, right? there is tons of great things to do in chicago . when i travel, i love being with local people. and chicago has a great program called chicago greeter, actually 200 different neighborhoods in chicago , they represent 100 different places and you can go to these neighborhoods, get a free walking tour with a local guide.

>> okay.