TODAY   |  April 25, 2014

KLG, Hoda meet cute babies of the week

Check out the adorable baby photos submitted by viewers for Johnson’s Babies of the Week.

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>> week announcements.

>> this is when we celebrate our new moms and adorable new additions to their families. first johnson 's baby of the week, eli jay heine from iowa on march 14th . his parents say -- every possible moment with your child.

>> is it heine or heine ? i think that's awesome. our next baby born in bristol, connecticut on april 11th , kariliana marie ruiz. her parents say she's such a blessing, of course she is, to both of them.

>> and from alaska, august edward graf. august came in --

>> on april 1st . his parents leann and gabe offer this advice to first time parents. hang in there. it starts out rough with a lack of sleep, but it gets better over time . and our final johnson 's baby -- stop it, hoda -- our final johnson 's baby of the week, esme aiyana sanchez, born on march 10th in boise, idaho. they say she smiled the day she was born and smiled every day since. don't tell them it's gas.

>> if you want to submit your pictures, go to hit the connect button. those