TODAY   |  April 25, 2014

Rubik’s Cube brownies, Lego cookies: DIY desserts

Rosanna Pansino, creator of the YouTube show “Nerdy Nummies,” joins TODAY to show us how to make some of her top treats to indulge your sweet tooth.

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>>> so we talk a lot about internet sensations. but rosanna pancino is a youtube star. her youtube channel nerdy mummies has a combined 289 million views showing how to bake desserts inspired by pop culture .

>> she's here with a couple of fun ideas you can try out this morning.

>> hi.

>> you have such talent and such a following now, too. we're going to tackle the rubik 's cube brownie, which looks really cool. it's amazing how you do this. and you're going to show us thousand make it, right?

>> the first thing you'll do is take a little frosting. you'll put a little dot on top of each one. this is really easy to do with kids. i like to take basic recipes with brownies and turn them into something geeky.

>> a brownie mix ?

>> you want to stack them? you just build them like little legos.

>> do you have to make that sound?

>> i think it helps.

>> it's like a video game .

>> yeah.

>> and then you have those little square templates.

>> it looks like a rubik 's cube.

>> and then you get the color from what?

>> these are melted chocolates. they're colored melted chocolates. that's what these little bags are. you print out a square template with a piece of wax paper on top. just try it. grab one of these. they don't have to be perfect. you can get a little messy.

>> and they dry pretty quickly.

>> they dry really quickly. you can put them in the freezer for ten minutes to dry, but they will dry at room temperature. just like that.

>> i love the sound effects as you go. you stick them on to the brownie then?

>> do the little frosting. bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop.

>> there you go. you guys are really good at this.

>> like pacman .

>> that's great. awesome. then you just stick them on the top.

>> pacman . when the ghosts get gobbled.

>> i love that game. i love pacman . so cute.

>> great idea.

>> there you go.

>> a rubik 's cube little brownie bites. you can bring them to parties. kids really like these, too. it's chocolate on chocolate.

>> i was going to say, i'm just going to eat one of those. what do we have over here?

>> the cardinal rule of television.

>> over here. we're making pinata cookies.

>> looks almost like you've got tobacco in your mouth.

>> a pinata cookie.

>> oh.

>> so there's candy inside.

>> uh-huh.

>> so there's different layers of cookies, right?

>> yep.

>> our crew is making sound effects , too. had that effect on all of us.

>> you've got three layers. you do the base, the middle. where you put the little candies in. and then the top. and i'll try to assemble one. [ laughter ] just like this.

>> you're never too old for sound effects .

>> you've got to put the candies in there.

>> oh, i forgot the candies.

>> it's still not dry.

>> look at this team work.

>> the pinata.

>> so then, the kids break it --

>> you've got to put the little dots on it.

>> oh yeah. these little guys. you're good at this. i love this. here.

>> you've got a lot of time on your hands.

>> i do, i do.

>> this is fantastic. are you amazed how many people go to your site and check you out and see --

>> this would be great to have the kids doing this.

>> yeah this is a good birthday party thing to do.

>> a lot of kids and teens and parents. those are my strongest demographics. it's kind of a family channel . it's getting really creative with food. we just have a lot of fun with foosmd.

>> -- food.

>> thank you so much.

>> we're back in a moment. food.