TODAY   |  April 25, 2014

Doggie doorbell, speakers can improve your home

Better Homes and Gardens’ Amy Panos joins TODAY to share some innovative products on the market to help you improve your home.

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>> lot. tamron and i were just talking this morning wondering aloud, when will someone finally make a doorbell for dogs? it appears our time has come.

>> may, love, and oscar will be very happy when i get home. here with some of the most unique products that can really help you around the house, the senior editor at better homes and gardens magazine . as soon as the cameras started, my friend ella started pulling. ella weighs about 150 pounds.

>> she's a big gimpl.

>> let's let her test out this pebble smart doggie door .

>> come on, ella.

>> what's the idea behind this?

>> the dog hits the yellow target with their snout, the doorbell goes off inside. so you know that the dog --

>> do it, girl.

>> oh, my.

>> here, hold this.

>> i got her.

>> come on, mama.

>> you know the dog needs to come back.

>> good job, ella.

>> so that's the pebble smart doggie doorbell.

>> all right.

>> then, who wouldn't want an anti-microbal floor mat? these are going to take all the toxins and allergens off your feet before they get in your house.

>> for your pet?

>> no, for you.

>> for everybody.

>> or your pet.

>> this bubble finish helps wipe off the dirt, too. anti-microbal. really, really smart.

>> nobody likes cleaning the fish tapgnks.

>> you don't have to with this one. this is an awesome ecosystem. so the fish does his thing and all those wastes filter up and feed the plants. in turn, the plants take the fish waste out of the water so you never have to clean the water.

>> that's genius.

>> it's $50. an amazing gift for a kiddo.

>> al?

>> oh, no.

>> someone's home?

>> good morning.

>> i'm sorry.

>> no problem.

>> i love this fish tank .

>> a little teeny tiny smoke alarm . it's the first alert atom smoke alarm . that will wake you up. really tiny. can go in any room. you're deaf now. i'm sorry about that. the battery will last for three hours on this. you can put it anywhere.

>> even though it's tiny, it still provides enough to keep your family safe.

>> next really way cool product is the tego power card. this thing is the swiss army knife of chargers. so you see that it has like three different -- put it out here. it has three different heads for charging. it will hold enough charge for this thing to give your phone or ipad 10% or 20% emergency charge. it's like the size of a credit card .

>> and it fits the different sizes of phones.

>> yeah, it's cool. the family charger you need.

>> a lot of people enjoy outdoor music this time of year. it's time for checking out --

>> brace your ears.

>> this one's not quite so ridiculous. this is the 2.0 speaker. there's a small version you can mount on your bike if you're ready to rock out during a bike ride. and you can take a call on it. it's got a speakerphone in it, too.

>> wireless?

>> it is wireless. so in theory, it should work.

>> so you sync it to the phone. what are we listening to?

>> we're trying to listen to pharell. is it going?

>> yeah, it is.

>> there we go.

>> that's a good sound, too.

>> the last 16 hours worth of music, you take a phone call or -- it's got enough juice to charge your ipad or iphone. the big guys is on like a kick starter for $150.

>> that's a good sound.

>> it is. for it's really cool.

>> you can leave it on.

>> another cool thing for bike. this is the smart corn. you plant it to the bike and it is both an alarm and a light. you turn it on. you turn it on. it's got a strobe like. if you just hit it back here, that's the "excuse me," and if you hold it down more -- that's the get out of my way and don't run over me alarm.

>> no one's going to ignore you with this.

>> it's tiny. you can take it off the bike to recharge it. lots of different cool colors.

>> this is great for kids, too.

>> it is great for kids, anybody who wants to be great on their bike.

>> and the sound is so irritating.