TODAY   |  April 25, 2014

Thanks to Instagram, a new way to get dumped

A young man split from his girlfriend by double-posting a photo of him with his girlfriend — with her cropped out of the “after” shot, along with the hashtag #TransformationTuesday.

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>>> anyway, as painful as they can be, everyone seems to love a juicy breakup story. and for a time, we all thought this was the absolute worst way to be dumped, thus you would be a loser. take a look.

>> burger broke up with my on a post-it.

>> on a post-it?

>> uh-huh. yep. read it and weep , my friends.

>> i'm sorry, i can't, don't hate me.

>> who could forget that scene? still one of the best shows ever. post-it decades are long gone. turns out, social media giving people a new way to dump their partners. instagram. an instagram posted this, before and after shots, one with his girlfriend. a second where he cropped her out. he tagged it with a #transformationtuesday. she later commented on the post, asking is this your way of breaking up with me?

>> yes.

>> texting is bad enough. but then you add the photo to it.

>> and she had to ask him.

>> he's not making a lot of friends on instagram after that either.