TODAY   |  April 25, 2014

Amsterdam restaurant only has tables for 1

A restaurant that just opened in Amsterdam is billing itself as a spot for diners eating alone, and says it hopes to erase the stigma that eating solo is a sad affair.

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>>> let's say that you're traveling and you find yourself alone in a new city. would you ever go out to a restaurant to eat by yourself? if you answered yes, then we have just the place for you. it's called een maal, meaning one meal, and it's billing itself as the world's first eatery for diners dining solo. the owner says she wants to erase the stigma that eating alone is a sad affair and she is hoping to open a similar restaurant here in the u.s. later this year. i think this is a great idea.

>> i'm going to open up a chain called losers.

>> whoa!

>> carson!

>> it will be people like myself and my dad and we'll go --

>> i eat out all the time alone. i love it.

>> you have to have an environment that's inviting to that. a diner. you can eat alone. but you don't want to be at a four top by yourself.

>> i eat at the bar all the time. i worked at a mall, so i would take my break and go down to the food court .

>> nothing wrong with that.

>> why did you call it losers?

>> that's the feeling. you get that feeling.

>> we don't see this side on "the voice." you're mr. happy.

>> the honest side.

>> i could eat at a little dive in my neighborhood. but i have to put a big l on my forehead?

>> you have to embrace it. it's a term of endearment.

>> a term of endearment?

>> i eat alone all the