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TODAY   |  April 25, 2014

George Clooney defends himself in casino mogul spat

The actor is speaking out about a high-profile blowout he had with casino owner Steve Wynn after a heated discussion on Obamacare. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>>> with a bit of an odd story. it was a high-profile blowout in las vegas that's making some headlines, a spat in public between george clooney and casino owner steve wynn . nbc's miguel almaguer has the latest.

>> reporter: it was a vegas smackdown that had all the drama of a good hollywood script.

>> did you have a hand in this?

>> did i have my hand in what?

>> reporter: in one corner, the world famous leading man. in the other corner, the billionaire casino mogul whose name looms large over the vegas strip .

>> this is encore.

>> reporter: the blowout happened right here, inside wynn 's upscale casino restaurant, a table of nine having dinner earlier this month when it got ugly over politics. specifically, obamacare.

>> i am surprised that george lost his temper. i am sure whatever steve did really pissed him off.

>> reporter: in a statement, clooney says wynn went on a rant. he called the president an expletive. that's a fact. i said the president was my longtime friend and then he said, your friend is an expletive. and at that point, i told steve, he was an expletive. clooney has raised millions for mr. obama, while in recent years, wynn has donated millions to those who ran against him.

>> every business guy in the country is frightened of barack obama and the way he thinks.

>> reporter: wynn spoke to journalist norm clark about the vegas fight night.

>> he said that clooney got up and threw a hissy fit when he and wynn started deweight over obamacare. he stood up and said a word that we can't say.

>> reporter: there's one thing both seem to agree on, it was the movie star who walked out. but this morning, there's something else a lot of others seem to agree with.

>> no fists were thrown. it was just an argument with two rich white guys arguing about politics. they're going to be fine.

>> reporter: a supersized blowout that proves what happens in vegas doesn't always stay in vegas . for "today," miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles .

>> that story had everything.

>> i love it. i would love to see them in a boxing ring .