TODAY   |  April 25, 2014

Zebra + donkey = ‘zonkey’ at Mexico zoo

A “zonkey,” a rare cross between a zebra and a donkey, was born in a zoo in northern Mexico.

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>>> and an extremely rare birth getting tons of attention at a northern mexico zoo. take a look. this is kumba, a rare cross between a zebra and a donkey. the zonkey is very unusual because the donkey and zebra chromosomes are not compatible. the father, the zebra visited the donkey, wink wink, daily. this is the movie where the lion and the tiger mix together. "liger."

>> i never saw it. missed that one.

>> let us know if you know.

>> i knew there would be a chris rock joke in here somewhere. but that didn't happen.

>> it's not madagascar.

>> that's an animated one.

>> this is going very well.

>> i always thought a zonkey was a cross between a zebra and a monkey. i'm kidding.

>> this is going downhill.

>> he's cute, let's leave it at that.