TODAY   |  April 24, 2014

3 ways to use leftover Easter treats

Erica Domesek from P.S. - I Made This shows how you can use leftover Easter chocolate to make tasty fondue and concoct a thirst-quenching cocktail out of jelly beans.

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>>> all right, do you have leftover peeps staring you in the eye every single day?

>> or broken up chocolate bunnies you're finding hard to resist despite your diet? et.

>> it together. grab the kids. we'll show you how to use it all up once and for all.

>> here with some creative ideas diy expert and founder of ps i love you erica domisek.

>> it is all about love today . and what we love doing is repurposing things we have at home. today, we have a lot of easter candy at home, right? so bunnies. let's get into it. we have so many bunnies from our baskets. we're going to repurpose this. we have ears, and what we did is we broke it up, chopped it up on a knife, on our chopping -- we're going to do a little diy double boiler , put it on there. you can add a little butter, you can add -- we'll melt it down and really melt it down. this will take a couple of minutes to do.

>> fondue?

>> we're going to make fondue. you want it keep the heat real low. don't let it get too hot. we have a couple of minutes. our dipping fondue.

>> what is this?

>> this is coconut oil . you can mix this in, the option of butter or coconut oil . this is fondue. you can dip your strawberries, fruits, salty pretzels, fun to do with the kids.

>> yes, hoda.

>> she's with the kids now.

>> i'm sorry. they're eating.

>> how are they? are they yummy?

>> good. one of my favorite things are peeps. we have so many leftovers after the season. what do we do with them? tie-dye rice crispy treats. we melt these down, put them on the stove, low heat. we melt them down. we have gone ahead and done that here. do me a favor, put that in there for me.

>> the rice crispies ? want to do that, michelle? dump that bowl in there.

>> stir it up. peeps come in so many different colors. there we go. i like to get messy in the kitchen.

>> that's what hodi does.

>> me too.

>> we have them separate, we have pink, purple and yellow. fold them together in a large pan to create an actual tie-dye.

>> i like it.

>> this one is really fun. i know you ladies love your cocktails.

>> oh, no.

>> what do you do with all the leftover jellybeans besides eat them? you make some fun cocktails and some skinny cocktails too. soaks they overnight with a little vodka in a mason jar , make a little liqueur, and pour them over cocktails the next day. and for kids --

>> look at the jellybeans.

>> jellybeans and seltzer. and we have some paper, make a little template, glue them down. you have art work with jellybeans.

>> what do you think of that?

>> i like that one.

>> you do? you want to try it?