TODAY   |  April 24, 2014

‘Amazing!’ Daughter freaks out over mom’s new look

Hairstylist to the stars Louis Licari and style expert Lilliana Vazquez makeover two moms: one from Alabama who admitted she was a little embarrassed at first to get a new look, and another who hasn’t updated her style in 17 years.

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>>> "today" on this thirsty thursday, ready to reveal our "ambush makeovers" for the two lucky ladies.

>> they were plucked off the plaza bright and early and surprised with head to toe new looks courtesy of our crack makeover experts. "today" contributor and stylist to the stars, everybody now, louis licari. and filling in for jill who is on vacation, style expert and author of "the cheap chica's guide to little aliana vasquez.

>> it turned into november again.

>> a little chilly. but spring is in the air. we'll pretend.

>> we'll take it. you had a nice group. our first lucky lady is lynn bright. lynn is 60 years old, from montgomery, alabama. her daughter ambushed us on the plaza. begging us to give her deserving mom a brand-new look. let's take a listen.

>> you guys came to the plaza with a purpose. and that was to ambush makeover your mom. why do you want this for your mom?

>> she is so wonderful. she cared about people all her life and i want her to be taken care of and she is perfect for this, and she is amazing.

>> we're going to do that today. how excited are you?

>> i have such a mixed emotions. obviously know that i would love to have this done, but so embarrassed by it.

>> you're in great hands. you're going to have so much fun.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> no reason to be embarrassed.

>> lisa is all ready. keep your blindfold on for a second while we bring your mom out. here is lynn bright's before picture. all right. lynn , let's see the new you.

>> wow! all right, lisa. you ready? take off your blindfold.

>> mom, are you ready?

>> kleenex !

>> oh, my gosh. ready? spin right here, sweetie. take a look at yourself .

>> oh!

>> oh, my.

>> maybe our stage manager can get us some kleenex , please.

>> both stand right here together.

>> tell us about --

>> thank you, mackey. perfect.

>> all right, louis, tell us --

>> she was very concerned with keeping her hair length. you can keep your hair length, but just reshape it and make a big difference. richard danny did this today.

>> fantastic.

>> what do you think?

>> amazing.

>> i love the bangs.

>> the dress is awesome.

>> she had never owned a little black dress in her lifetime.

>> never.

>> every woman has to have one.

>> how do you get through life without one?

>> she was a judge. retired now. so i wanted to give her a beautiful little black dress that felt elegant that was multipurpose in her wardrobe. this is gorgeous. and perfect.

>> that's beautiful.

>> i love your relationship. a big round of applause.

>> yes!

>> go stand right over there. thank you.

>> thank you.

>> she's 46 from massachusetts. her daughter told her mother that has had the same look since she was born 17 years go, so she asked us to give her a glam new style. let's take a listen to her story, please.

>> now this is a challenge because i don't even know who the mom is. who is the mom here?

>> okay. angela why don't you want this makeover?

>> i had the same haircut for probably the last 15 years and i would love to have some --

>> time for a change . girls, how ready are you for this?

>> oh, my god, we're so ready. she's so excited. she talks about it all the time.

>> let's do this.

>> all right. she's here with her daughters nardina, angelina, ramore and their friend angie lou. one more look at angela before and bring out angela now.

>> wow.

>> wow.

>> fantastic.

>> all right, take off your blindfolds.

>> oh, my god.

>> want to see what they see?

>> yeah.

>> turn around.

>> oh, my god. look at it.

>> they go right to the hair. so cute.

>> spin right around.

>> okay.

>> with angela , you know, obviously, the hardest job is you have a pretty girl you have to make her absolutely gorgeous.

>> gorgeous.

>> what i did here is i just gave her a pinch of warmth to make her blonde hair a little more strawberry. she always want ed -- so we used the curling iron and the makeup.

>> what do you think?

>> looks so good. i love it.

>> please go get her some kleenex .

>> thank you.

>> and the outfit?

>> i think color energizes a woman, no matter what the color is. cobalt blue , everybody is crying. cobalt blue looks stunning on her. here you guys go. and the fit on this dress is perfect for her silhouette. really accentuates her curves from london times .