TODAY   |  April 24, 2014

Dean Cain: ‘God’s Not Dead’ success ‘a shocker’

Actor Dean Cain tells Kathie Lee and Hoda he is shocked at how well his movie “God Is Not Dead” is performing at the box office, and he says the performance by KLG’s daughter was “fantastic” in the film.

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>>> well, our day just got a whole lot better. sitting with us now is the very, very handsome dean cain .

>> we love our dean. as always, he's got a lot going on. dean plays a crook in the movie "the dog who saved easter" from the popular kids series starring the canine zeus.

>> and you can catch him in "god's not dead" about a student who faces challenges by a college professor .

>> and still in the top ten at the box office . so good to see you. what a surprise though, huh?

>> that was an absolute shocker, because they didn't spend a whole lot of money. wasn't a $50 million budget but made $50 million at the box office . it is a sleeper. and it is just exciting as can be.

>> yeah. you saw the script, your character is not a kind man, we should say. did you -- when you saw that, did you say, yeah, i think i would like to play this guy?

>> you play a character like that, you're clear on what you're doing. he is -- he's the bad guy in a sense, he's someone who, i don't want to give away anything from the film, but he is someone who is the other side, if you will.

>> completely selfish human being .

>> yes. as are many people out there, so maybe they can -- maybe look at that and identify.

>> did you have an idea this would be a hit when you were in it?

>> honestly, no. i do a lot of projects and you hope they do well. but this one just has -- just has exploded and it is a faith-based film and i guess people are looking for that.

>> most importantly about the film, how is cassidy gifford?

>> she was fantastic.

>> she shot it like you did, two and a half years ago. there is cas. looks so young to me in this.

>> looks little.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> -- graduating class and my third choice school.

>> we're just going to watch the movie.

>> sorry, dean.

>> that's all right.

>> dean has other things --

>> he does. we want to know, first of all, did you find big foot ?

>> tell us.

>> $ 10 million right here in my pocket. no, we did not find big foot . we looked for him. there was some interesting characters on that. but that one team who did win, they got $100,000 and they're still looking for him.

>> well, tell us about the easter dog story.

>> easter dog story. number four, number five in a series of kids' dog movies. i'll do any sort of project, large, small.

>> i know. you're working all the time.

>> yes. this is a wonderful thing. my son is of the age where he doesn't sit and watch it anymore, but there are a lot of kids who enjoy the dog movies and i love making them.

>> what is your role in this? what do you do?

>> i'm chief bad guy . i want zeus and i want --

>> oh!

>> yeah, silly comedy, but a lot of fun.

>> how do you choose your project? you are all over the place, big foot , god's not dead, the dog thing.

>> and then right now hit the floor .

>> hit the floor ?

>> hit the floor , in the middle of it and it is scandalous this year and exec starring and producing in a movie called "merry x-mas," soon to be ex-loex --

>> ex-lover?

>> high jinks ensue.

>> hercules and superman is in "god's not dead".

>> yes. and we were the last two up for that role. kevin sobel and i were the last two that read.

>> do you still read for everything or do they --

>> it depends. it really depends. like a project i did a long time ago called "the broken hearts club ," i had had to fight to get in the door, a low budget project but a great project. it depends on the project.

>> we're cheering you on. come back and see us again.

>> you didn't do me. do mine.

>> coconut oiled.

>> okay.

>> yes she is.

>> get ready to see some amazing before and afters. two lucky ladies show off their