TODAY   |  April 24, 2014

Relaxing travel tips to escape your troubles

Travel expert Mark Murphy and Dr. Janet Taylor, a psychiatrist, join TODAY to help you figure out the best way to recharge your batteries on vacation and benefit your health at the same time.

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>>> if you want to be stress free, rekindle romance, we have travel destinations for you.

>> good morning to you both. let's dive right into these, janet, and start with stress. i want to destress. i think beach. is that the way to go?

>> work hard play hard . certainly on a beach it can be less stressful but talk about what you want from the beach. if you're going to have deep conversations, give yourself time. if you just want to relax. negotiate it with a partner. by yourself, no problem.

>> you recommend hitting the big city .

>> go to chicago. one of the greatest cities in the world. take an architectural boat tour.

>> the best.

>> take in the variety of architecture. it will mentally stimulate you. you can go to the art institute and other wonderful things in chicago.

>> that boat tour is a-plus. you have to do that.

>> that is the drake hotel . you can stay there for under 200 buc bucks.

>> how about rekindling a romance? what do we want to do and don't we want to do?

>> remind yourself of why you are together. most couples say that is the time they actually have more sex. they have more time together, which is important. so try to communicate before, avoid conflict, and spend time together.

>> mark, what do we do?

>> i would say have sex in the rain forest but go to puerto rico , national rain forest , stay at the resort about an hour away. you go into the rain forest , you have the peace and tranquility and silence. connect with each other. end up at a waterfall and go for a plunge. in the water at the bottom.

>> recap. no sex in the rain forest . got it. how about if you want to fit in some exercise?

>> you think active travel, if you're on vacation anyway, make that time to get up and move. walk places. you know, jog places. utilize the fact that you're on vacation.

>> the oceanside resort on the hawaii island also known as the big island and you have a great retreat. a nonprofit, great value which is hard to find sometimes in hawaii. but you can find it and you can experience nature.

>> great idea. thanks so much.