TODAY   |  April 24, 2014

Kate Walsh: ‘Really fun role’ as ex-stripper on ‘Fargo’

The actress chats with TODAY about starring in the new TV series “Fargo” as a former stripper and mom of two.

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>>> you know kate walsh best as dr. montgomery on the medical drama "private practice" a spin-off of a popular series.

>> now you can find kate in the new mini series " fargo " based on the academy award winning film. looking good there, kate .

>> kate plays an ex-stripper now trophy wife and mother of two who finds out in true fargo fashion her husband has been murdered.

>> basically live in the north pole and then he has the nerve to -- i'm not kidding. i'm going to sing at his funeral.

>> kate walsh , good morning.

>> good morning.

>> i know you are a big fan of " fargo " and they were somewhat involved in this as well. this is sort of a reimagining of " fargo " right?

>> yes. noah wrote all the episodes. the coen brothers are i think executive producers and it's been incredible. fx has been incredibly supportive and it's perfectly written. it was really a fun role. i auditioned for it. i was like oh, i'll go do a crazy high kick.

>> you do it well. was that part of your rehearsal?

>> i love -- people are like did have you to work out and get in shape?

>> no. i really clung. i was out of shape -- probably a little bit out of shape.

>> all you have to do is watch that 15-second clip to see how much fun you had playing that part. such a departure from how we know you.

>> yes.

>> for a decade wearing the doctor's coat. you got the cigarette, kind of falling out of your robe there.

>> yes.

>> what a blast.

>> it was really fun. martin freeman , most of my scenes where him, and he is incredible. the whole cast is amazing. tom hanks , the cast.

>> fargo , one of the greatest movies of all time not just for the last 20 years, does it keep that sort of mix of humor and darkness?

>> yes. and noah kind of captures that tone incredibly well. super dark and then super funny at the same time. kind of a bleak commentary on the world. it's just amazing. we shot it up in calgary. yeah. it's a blast.

>> you've been really busy. as dr. montgomery but then now also starring in a new movie directed by courtney cox which opens tonight in tribeca.

>> yes.

>> tell me about that.

>> called "just before i go" and it's, i describe it as a hilarious and totally heart felt movie, an r-rated comedy. she is incredible and it is the first comedy where you laugh out loud but it also kind of gets you and it's touching and moving and heart felt. yeah. it's incredible. she is amazing. you know? i mean, she's obviously a great comedic actress, but she is a director with such command of the set and has such great instincts. it was a pleasure and great to work with her.

>> you're going to play "two truths and a lie." take it away.

>> come on.

>> okay.

>> all right.

>> wait. okay. so i say it?

>> yes, yes. you tell us.

>> okay.

>> three things, two true and one a lie. we have to find out what the lie is.

>> okay.

>> i can't remember the third one though.

>> just make it up.

>> okay. here we go. mix them up in my head. i once spent the night in jail for throwing a ball through a mirror in a bar in chicago.

>> yes. that happened.

>> i do yoga with my cat pablo.

>> definitely.

>> and my dog swims with a life jacket in the pool in los angeles .

>> they all sound true.

>> you got a good poker face . i'm saying the cue ball is true. second story about yoga and the cat. i think maybe the dog with the life jacket is the lie.

>> i think so too.

>> i was going to say that so i'll go no cat yoga.

>> ding ding .

>> i do pilates with him.

>> there it is.

>> can you give us a quick version of the night in jail?

>> in my youth. be really clear. in chicago. i was with a friend about to move to new york and we maybe had a couple drinks. we were playing pool and playing the piano and things got out of hand. i decided to stop the madness with throwing a cue ball through a mirror. playing the piano. i threw a cue ball through the mirror.

>> it was very quiet. it was very fargo actually. it was a night i will never forget.