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TODAY   |  April 24, 2014

Japanese robot dances for President Obama

In TODAY’s Take, Natalie Morales, Willie Geist and Tamron Hall chat about a robot that was brought to dance for the president in Japan. “It’s actually pretty awesome,” says Tamron. As for photo opportunities, “this one may take the cake,” she says.

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>>> president obama certainly often had some strange photo opportunities but this one may take the cake. it is actually awesome. the president is in japan on a state visit . yesterday he met a robot. take a look at the president -- you figure it out.

>> it is a pleasure to meet you.

>> well nice to meet you, too. the president followed the protocol.

>> it is so life like and so human you don't know what to do.

>> i love the president did the mr. roberto.

>> this went on for a while too. the president had to have some patience. the robot showed off dance moves and played a little soccer. it took him about 20 minutes to kick the ball. the president is just standing there with a smile on his face.

>> i get it.

>> long pause. all right. kick the ball. come on.

>> boom. give him credit there.

>> this is like the creator's kid. you meet someone and they say, my son can say his abcs in spanish. do it.

>> you're like, okay. and the kid is like --

>> trying to be polite.

>> on command, right?

>> not even a robot can do it.

>> let's cut the robot ceremonies down next time, guys.

>>> you know about the honeymoon period to any relationship and marriage.

>> when everyone is in love and it's all flowers.

>> exactly. strolling through daffodil fields hand in hand . well, now there is scientific proof there is a honeymoon period , beginning and an end. a new study shows 14% of men experience a clear honeymoon effect. at the beginning of their marriage they were very satisfied but after 30 months, two and a half years, they were extremely unhappy.

>> what?

>> the same change occurred in 10% of women. a couple things to note.

>> completely unhappy?

>> yes. 14% which means 86% are happy. we kind of came into that backwards.

>> right.

>> i think, you know, obviously not extremely unhappy but it's not white hot passionate love all the time.

>> no.

>> but you certainly love your husband or wife in new and different ways all the time and it grows.

>> absolutely. i think so. when you have kids together you learn to love them in even deeper, more meaningful ways i think.

>> i agree with that.

>> a longer love, meaningful love, not more spectacular than the white, hot passion, you know that truly in sickness and health the person is going to stick around. if they only like you with fake lashes and nice lip stick, you know, do you really want that person? in your case of course no lashes. but is the guy going to love you when you wake up with your hair a mess? that is special obviously.

>> you're right about the kids thing. i've never been more impressed with dina than after we had kids. they blow your mind in a totally new way and show you sides of themselves you didn't even know were there.

>> to see your spouse really be a stronger person.

>> yes.

>> it's incredible.

>> 14%.

>> ah. 14%.

>> 86% still are happy.

>> there it is.

>> there you go. we like that.

>>> we also like crazy videos around here. we have two pieces of crazy video to show you. take a look as heavy wind blows -- yeah. this is a port-a-potty.

>> oh, no, no.

>> ah! tuesday afternoon the video was posted online. it would have been funnier if a person were in there. anyway, thank goodness nobody was injured. all porta potties are in place.

>> did it stay upright? imagine looking out your window and this port-a-potty goes by.

>> what just happened?

>> this is something that caught our eye. an elderly czech man is lucky to be alive. after a walk across a train crossing there, this is crazy. he was lightly struck if you can be lightly struck by a train.

>> my gosh. wow.

>> anyway, what you see is a small, black dot flying across, if you can play that video again, here we go. you see this little thing? it's the man's shoe. and amazingly, he suffered minor injuries. we don't know all the details but that is frightening. to describe as being lightly struck by a train.

>> when your shoe falls off like that.

>> you're hit by a train.

>> the wind, velocity i guess. how crazy is that?

>> incredible. i'm glad he is okay. you'd like to see him put on the jog when crossing the tracks. pick it up a little bit.

>> scary. caught our eye today.

>> absolutely.

>>> we have a little housekeeping. something that happened on the show on tuesday, joan rivers was a guest on this program. during our interview she made a comment at the expense of the cleveland kidnapping victims. they have asked her for an apology. as this morning joan has not given one. we regret her comment was made on our air deeply and truly. i hope our reactions in real time show the way we felt about her attempted joke if you want to call it that. this is a live broadcast every day. we can't control what our guests say. joan has been a guest on "today" many times but we do not absolutely do not condone what she said this week. i hope it was clear at the time. we'll make it clear again we didn't find what she said funny and didn't approve.

>> our heart felt apologies to the cleveland kidnapping victims as