TODAY   |  April 24, 2014

Carla Bruni: I don’t miss politics

France’s former first lady opens up to Matt Lauer on Paris, politics, and pouring her heart into her music.

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>>> carla bruni the former first lady of france. these days she is focusing on her music, writing, singing, and touring. we sat down at new york's town hall where bruni is performing tonight. we had a very revealing conversation.

>> reporter: what inspires you to write these days? what are most of your songs about?

>> my songs are about life. they're like little postcards of life. you know, so desire, love, loneliness, but also maybe joy and fun.

>> reporter: what's it like to be on the road for you? now we're in your venue.

>> oh, yes. well, to be on the road is fantastic.

>> reporter: carla bruni knows a thing or two about life on the road and in the spotlight.

>> i like to change places, discover new places.

>> reporter: change and discovery, ongoing themes for the former super model . she traded catwalks and covers for an entirely different type of world stage in 2008 when she married then french president sarkozy. do you miss that time?

>> not at all.

>> reporter: in the past two years since her husband left the presidency, bruni has poured her heart into her music. you said to me one time your music is very simple.

>> yes.

>> reporter: do you still feel that way?

>> yes. my lyrics are not so simple but my music is definitely simple.

>> reporter: her style, a blend of folk and pop -- sultry, romantic, poignant.

>> go right for the stones. i like it. it's okay. a lot of stones music on your ipad?

>> well, complete stones, complete beatles, complete dylan.

>> reporter: you're of that generation.

>> my generation.

>> we see eye to eye on music. little french songs, her fourth album, was released last year. and bruni is now touring the u.s. for the first time. accompanied by her guitarist, she gave us a preview of her show.

>> reporter: her music and lyrics , thoughtful and elegant, much like bruni herself. embracing beauty beyond her career as super model . you're in your mid 40s let's just say.

>> yes.

>> reporter: you have always been described in articles that i've read about you as one of the most beautiful women in the world.

>> oh.

>> reporter: how do you feel about beauty as it pertains to age?

>> well, of course age is not easy to cope with but it is not only related to beauty but to everything. energy. i also believe that a woman and a man, they don't really lose their charm. i think charm is much more important than beauty, because it is related to charm, experience, and intelligence. i hope, you know, that i can keep some charm.

>> wow.

>> she is charming.

>> it's working.