TODAY   |  April 24, 2014

7 years?! Study says men keep underwear longer

A new survey reveals that men hold onto their trusty britches for seven years on average, and that some wear the same knickers multiple days in a row.

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>> there is no easy way to make this transition to the next story. let's just jump in.

>>> guys, how often do you buy new underwear? apparently it may not be often enough. in a british survey, men said they keep their underwear for an average of seven years.

>> wow! that's crazy.

>> yuk. and if that is not bad enough, they admit to wearing the same pair several days in a row. anybody?

>> no.

>> anyone?

>> not sure.

>> it happens. not a habit but it happens.

>> how often do you buy underwear?

>> seven years. that's absurd.

>> seven years, matt.

>> just getting good.

>> one guy confessed to actually wearing his undies so long they were full of holes.