TODAY   |  April 24, 2014

Black, latte? What your coffee says about you

An examination of coffee-crazed Americans finds that latte drinkers tend to be neurotic and indecisive, among other details.

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>>> we have it every day of course, sometimes multiple times a day. what does our coffee preference say about this? dylan?

>> a little cream and sugar.

>> matt?

>> grande skim latte.

>> skim latte as well.

>> black coffee .

>> i'm the same. throw a little cream in that.

>> okay. a blog called i love coffee did a little survey. here is what they found. latte drinkers tend to be neurotic. people who are in indecisive. that is not you though mr. lauer.

>> why? because we like a little cream a little foam with our coffee?

>> you like a lot of little things .

>> natalie does demand madagascar cinnamon on top of the latte.

>> sometimes.

>> all right.

>> the survey found folks who like their coffee black are straight forward, quiet, and simple. meanwhile, frappuchino drinkers are trend setters. i didn't know they still make frappuchino. they also tend to make unhealthy choices according to this study.