Image: Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush Speaks To Long Island Association Event
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TODAY   |  April 24, 2014

Jeb Bush: I’m ‘thinking about running’ for president

The former Republican governor of Florida has given his clearest indication yet that he’s considering a run for president in 2016. NBC’ chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell reports.

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>> politics and the presidential race in 2016 . jeb bush the former republican governor of florida has given his clearest indication that he is considering a run. nbc's andrea mitchell has more. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, natalie. with more than 300 million americans, you'd think we'd have a range of presidential candidates other than those names clinton or bush. now it appears, though, it could boil down to the latest representatives of those political families . in another indication that jeb bush is testing the presidential waters, he told a private fund raising lunch wednesday, quote, i am thinking about running for president. jeb's the son of one president and younger brother of another. then jokingly asked would you call and tell my mom? that was a direct reference to what barbara bush told matt last year.

>> there are other people out there that are very qualified, and we've had enough bush's.

>> can a candidate run with a hopeful, optimistic message? in my case that means can one do it joyfully?

>> reporter: bush showed up in nevada for the primary and meetings with a las vegas billionaire and gop donor. bush is often at odds with his party. he endorsed the obama administration's common core education curriculum and is passionate about the human side of immigration reform .

>> yes, they broke the law, but it's not a felony. it's kind of a -- it's an act of love. it's an act of commitment to your family.

>> reporter: that earned him criticism at the tea party 's recent freedom summit in new hampshire.

>> i've heard money. i've this. i've heard sex. i've heard everything. the one thing i never heard of was love.

>> reporter: how seriously is jeb bush considering a run?

>> i think he's open to the idea of running now. i still think there are very high hurdles he has to clear in order to run. he said he wants to run joyfully, and in today's republican primaries , that's pretty tough to do.

>> reporter: if bush does enter the race, his opponent could be from that other political dynasty .

>> women have to dare to compete.

>> reporter: jeb bush 's staff says he'll make a decision sometime after the mid-term elections. probably the same time frame for hillary clinton on whether she is ready for another race for the white house .

>> getting more and more interesting and we're not even all that close yet. andrea mitchell , thanks so much.