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TODAY   |  April 24, 2014

Obama: New Russia sanctions are ‘teed up’

President Obama is talking tough about Russia, announcing new sanctions as the crisis in Ukraine escalates. NBC chief political director Chuck Todd reports.

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>>> it is day two of president obama 's trip to asia. the president is attending a state dinner at the imperial palace overnight, this after he held a news conference that included tough talk on the crisis in ukraine . nbc's chief white house correspondent chuck todd is in tokyo traveling with the president. chuck, good morning.

>> reporter: well, good morning. it's been a day filled with pageantry and diplomacy here with president obama in japan . the japanese are rolling out the red carpet for mr. obama, including that state dinner . but trailing the president to asia has been the crisis in ukraine . during his first full day in japan the president was filled with tough talk. on behalf of japan in support of their territorial dispute with china, and he took on russia, admitting vladimir putin would not abide by the new geneva agreement over ukraine and that further punishment of russia is necessary.

>> we have been preparing for the prospect that we're going to have to engage in further sanctions. those are keyed up. it is a matter of days not weeks.