Image: Afghan policemen stand outside Cure Hospital after three foreigners were killed in Kabul
Mohammad Ismail / Reuters

TODAY   |  April 24, 2014

3 Americans killed in Afghanistan

Three Americans, including a doctor, were killed this morning in an attack on a Kabul hospital. The gunman, a guard, was supposed to protect them. NBC chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel reports.

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>> on. we start this morning with a serious story, a deadly shooting involving americans in a hospital in the afghan capital. at least three people have been killed and two others wounded. nbc's foreign correspondent richard engel is joining us with the latest on this.

>> this is a terrible attack. it surprised many people. this is a hospital that has been operating in kabul for a long time. a doctor, been working in kabul for seven years, an american was there. he was greeting some guests, other americans , three other americans . as soon as the guests arrived, they entered the hospital grounds. then a hospital guard, who had been assigned by the police just three weeks ago turned his guns on the americans . he killed the doctor. he killed two of the guests, a father and son , and he injured another of the guests, a woman. then this police officer turned the gun on himself. he fired -- shot himself in the chin. he survived that shooting and then the shooter and the woman who was injured were both taken inside the same hospital where he carried out the attack and are said to be in stable condition.

>> there has been an increase in attacks on security forces , westerners, americans , civilians over the last several months. often the taliban will claim responsibility. from what i'm seeing no such claim at this moment.

>> no such claim yet, but this is very similar to an attack that happened just a few weeks ago during the afghan elections . if you remember an american journalist and a german photographer were shot. the photographer was killed. also an afghan policeman.

>> thank you very much. appreciate