TODAY   |  April 23, 2014

Go green gadgets! Reusable bags, water timer, more

Gadget guy Steve Greenberg shows Kathie Lee and Hoda a variety of eco-friendly gadgets for your home, such as a water timer when you’re taking a shower, a dryer ball for soft clothes, and a device that will warm up your baby wipes.

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>>> as you know, we're celebrating earth week here at nbc universal , so it's a good time to think about how we can all be more ecofriendly.

>> help save the environment and save money with these green gadgets from the author of "gadget nation," steve greenberg . hello! how are you?

>> what you got for us today?

>> green shirt, greenberg, it all shirts.

>> green attitude.

>> first up, this one blows my mind. this is called laundry ball . this replaces your detergent. it will do 365 washes. it uses -- actually, because of the ph changes the water, you don't need soap. you can wash in cold water . that's it. i tried it out with t-shirts right here. dirty t-shirt. i've been using it a week. amazing.

>> so that's called smart --

>> it's called smart clean, but it's laundry ball .

>> what's the dryer?

>> this is from woolsey's, basically pieces of wool but it reduces dryer time 25%. you don't need these with a lot of chemicals.

>> they're going to be sorry to hear that.

>> sorry for them. next, this is called fan buddy. it's a filter you can put on a regular square fan. instead of getting an expensive air purifier or running your air conditioner , this is a much cheaper way to keep your air clean. you can add it to a tall one. we ran this run for a couple weeks. i don't know if the camera can pick it up, but we can see it really picks up a lot of dirt.

>> you throw it away or clean it?

>> clean it and use it again. it's $29. this is called the water pebble right over here. what this does, you p up it in your shower. and it measures the time of your first shower and then tries to shorten the shower time after that. it first shows up as green, then yellow, then red. look, very nice. that's water pebble from a company called bambicode for $14. this, you plug anything you want into it. you can control it from your smartphone. you can also set all sorts of schedules with it. you can set it so it goes on and off like your cable box which uses a lot of energy. and you can also make it geo sensitive. you can turn it on and off.

>> my head's going to explode. okay.

>> this is a clock that runs on water.

>> stop it.

>> now that we understand.

>> you just add water to it. make sure you don't spill all over the thing and you've got a working clock. no batteries, nothing. these are called pack 'ems. and these are washable bags. basically, with kids, 20 million plastic bags are thrown out every day by schoolkids.

>> this is genius.

>> this is washable. it's got velcro on it.

>> that's great.

>> next for mommies with babies who do a lot of wipes. the average family spends $240 on wipes if you have one baby. 7.6 billion pounds in our landfill every year. so these are reusable wipes. they're made from bamboo. this is a little warmer so they're nice and warm. it's more absorbent than cotton. it's bamboo so it's sustainable.

>> and you wash them.

>> it's a great way to clean up.

>> we've been waiting for the toilet.

>> this is called hydra right. you can install it on any toilet. all you do, no tools needed. you can make it a one flush or a two flush for a number one or number two. great way to go. it's only $20, on amazon, terrific. and then we use a lot of toilet paper in this country. i'll give you the numbers. 34 million rolls a day, which is 54 million trees a year. you can reduce your toilet paper usage by turning your toilet into a bidet and toilet by adding water.

>> you still need toilet paper .

>> 75%. you attach it here. it costs $49, $59. and we turn it on here. and this adds a little water to the cleanup. you get the idea. i think