TODAY   |  April 23, 2014

Go Hoda! She’s one of People’s Most Beautiful

Kathie Lee Gifford congratulates her pal Hoda Kotb for being featured in People’s Most Beautiful issue. The ladies also have praise for a British shopping mall that launched a fast lane for speedy shoppers.

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>>> hello, everybody. you made it to the middle of the week. we like to call it winesday wednesday around here.

>> yes, we do.

>> it is april 23rd , and i know this is a weird thing to say. but you know certain dates just stick in your brain or whatever?

>> yes.

>> if i were still married to my first gentleman that i was married to.

>> your first husband, yes.

>> today would be our 38th wedding anniversary . so i want to wish him a happy day. i don't know where he is or what he's doing, but i hope he's happy.

>> is he remarried, do we know?

>> no, i don't think so. but anyway, i know it's weird.

>> okay. all right.

>> if you ever misplace anything like your keys or your phone or your mind like hoda, we've got something that's going to help put that to an end.

>> yeah, there was a great article in "the wall street journal ." and there is a man who is supposed to be super smart in that department, he can help us find our stuff. also what women are doing to put an end to that to-do list.

>> endless. there's a whole other list that's out today. "people" always does a beautiful job on their "most beautiful " issue. well, the big day around here, everybody knows know, lupita nyong'o is on the cover.

>> what a great pick. we were both just talking about what a great pick it was to have her chosen, right?

>> because i think it's going to be for the very first time, it's going to be -- it's a unanimous decision. and even i think jess cagle was saying earlier, it was a no-brainer this year.

>> people aren't going to say, why did they pick her?

>> everybody has a different definition of what's beautiful . and while we're on the subject, finally somebody's agreeing with me, our own egyptian sun goddess hoda is featured in this beautiful picture. look at you.

>> somebody else's bathroom.

>> you look like you're doing an ad for veena skin care .

>> we were in somebody's apartment. it was a space that we were allowed to shoot in, and that was the bathroom.

>> i want that tub, by the way. your toes. hoda has the most beautiful feet you've ever seen in your life. and i was very pleased to be able to rub them for you this morning.

>> by the way, i've got to tell you, if it took me getting in that magazine to get a foot rub, i'd do it again. so thank you for that.

>> okay. now, they also did something fun. they took people, you know, beauty -- if you're beautiful , you tend to remain beautiful as the aging process , you take good care of yourself. teamed up with some of the most beautiful stars from the past years with their younger selves to show that real beauty never ages.

>> this is so great. take a look at some of our favorites. michelle pfeiffer may be the first one. this is her with her younger self photo shopped next to her.

>> she's really, truly, beautiful .

>> that's better. thanks. look at kate hudson .

>> this is hysterical. ready for kate hudson . there we go.

>> oh, my gosh!

>> that doesn't look like her at all. yeah.

>> it's cute, though. julia roberts . this is her and her younger self. i remember that. yeah. leonardo dicaprio is just priceless. look at that.

>> it looks like he's there with his son or something.

>> it's very, very cute. okay.

>> something that everybody's so excited about around her --

>> katy perry has a new music video that's coming out. i glanced up at the tv a couple days ago and i saw what looked like some people dressed up. and i thought, who was that? i had no idea it was katy perry . it's a music video for her song "birthday." she plays so many parts. look at her.

>> in the rat pack . have you ever heard that song --

>> i mean, can you believe that's her? look at what's hanging down there.

>> i'm not really a birthday party entertainer.

>> and then it goes through all these different --

>> look. wow!

>> i mean, she really is unrecognizable. anyway, they're going to release the full music video tomorrow.

>> you know what she's proving by those, she's an innately good actress.

>> yeah.

>> you can tell that. she's comfortable -- i wonder if she's got some acting in her future.

>> i wonder if she does, yeah.

>>> jimmy fallon --

>> jimmy fallon .

>> i love this. it's earth week at nbc.

>> yes. it's earth week everywhere.

>> especially here. jimmy fallon had some fun with us this time regarding earth week.

>> i wonder if there's something about wine.

>> let's take a look at the pros and cons of celebrating earth day . here we go. pro, nbc held a recycling drive and collected over 10,000 bottles. con, and that was just from hoda and kathie lee 's dressing room .

>> yes.

>> helping out.

>> they never --

>> hysterical.

>> i want to point out something that i said yesterday. we had these props on the show.

>> people bones.

>> i asked you when you were squeezing it, i said please don't do it because blake will freak out. well, apparently that sound made a lot of other dogs freak out. so people flooded our facebook page with pictures of their dogs up on the tv. we got so many responses. anyway, suzy moore shared one about what happened to her dog when he heard us playing with the toy. take a peek. [ howling ]

>> oh, my gosh. oh, wow!

>> gilbert's dog also went a little bit cuckoo. let's take a look.

>> whenever he hears that sound -- oh.

>> look.

>> that one?

>> stop it.

>> 85 percent reengineered, recycled fibers.

>> isn't that crazy?

>> we apologize, everybody. we don't think about that. but if you want us to do it some more, we'd be happy to.

>>> so "the voice" was on last night, and this was a big night . monday night the top 12 performed, and last night two singers were sent home. here's what happened. they had the bottom three. and america got to send in tweets to try to save one person of the bottom three. so we're going to play the bottom three, and you let us know which one you thought should have been saved.

>> the thing was that people were tweeting in, and you can actually watch the results build on screen. i didn't see it, but i would pick the second girl, the girl in the middle.

>> that is so interesting. i happened to be sitting in my dressing room when i saw this on the earlier hour.

>> so you know who it was?

>> i know who they picked. but if i just sat here like normally and saw, i would have also picked danny from team shakira.

>> let's take a look.

>> pat boyer, you're moving on! saved instantly by america !

>> oh, my god. oh, my god. how dramatic with the credits running, we're running out of time .

>> yeah.

>> you know what? it's america so it may or may not be exactly how perfect the singing is. it's who they love.

>> it's who they love and who they --

>> oh, my god, that is so dramatic!

>> mm-hmm.

>> i love it.

>>> so have you ever been --

>> it comes back next monday.

>>> have you ever been walking down the street somewhere and someone is walking so slow and you try to get around them?

>> and just when you do, they either move to the side or they stop.

>> in the uk they decided to put in a fast lane for shoppers, certain shoppers.

>> in a mall or something like that, right?

>> yeah.

>> a little request from a school girl .

>> all right, let's take a look at the two lanes. slow and fast. all right. now, this would be genius because sometimes when you're in the airport or when you're on an escalator --

>> people like to mosey.

>> or they walk three across down the sidewalk. talking. and you know what i do. i have that terrible vision in my head when that happens.

>> of what?

>> sometimes i think about pushing them. in the middle of their back down on the ground.

>> that's your evil twin , helen.

>> yeah, she does that. you know how you're, like, "excuse me," or worse than the slow walker is the slow walker with the cigarette, smoking.

>> that drives me crazy.

>> like a chimney in front of you.

>> yeah, i know, i know. i can't stand when you're at the airport and there's the fast thing and you're rushing.

>> the moving sidewalk .

>> the moving sidewalk and somebody is standing there and all their luggage is there.

>> move it. you're supposed to walk. who would go anywhere and just stand?

>> we have a different energy level in new york.

>> yes, we do.

>> that i don't realize often until i get someplace else and people go, what's the hurry?

>> you know what? i know.

>> and maybe we're in too much of a hurry here, hoda woman.

>> you're right. here's some good news, if you love to laugh, laughing may also be good for your memory. scientists studied a couple of groups of people.

>> that's where my ex-husband went.

>> stop bringing him up. it's getting really weird. anyway, they decided to study a couple of groups. and one group watched an amusing video, and the other sat calmly and watched a more serious film. the ones who laughed ended up having better memory.

>> short-term memory.

>> it's chemicals that are released that make you remember things better.

>> that's what we try to do around here, to lower your stress level and apparently endorphins kick in, hoda.

>> i like it.

>>> are we not going to show our tape, you guys?

>> no, we're not. nobody liked that. so anyway -- nobody was interested. nobody liked it. nobody thought it was funny. don't cry! oh, my god, we'll do it tomorrow. oh, my god. let's go off to our green week props. oh, my god! she says tomorrow. joanne said tomorrow.

>> i'm not coming in tomorrow.

>> she's crying, and you're shooting the boots.

>> i'm available for any acting that someone would like me to do. that was darn good, come on.

>> have you ever seen that commercial that goes. and boots and pants and boots and pants kamik is out with these boots.

>> they're so cute.

>> shethey're 100 percent recyclable. it's ma i had with a technology lighter than natural rubber .

>> available for adults and kids. kids start at 34.99 from

>> boots and pants, you've never seen the commercial?