TODAY   |  April 23, 2014

‘Flipping Boston’ guys offer home upgrading tips

Peter Souhleris and Dave Seymour join TODAY to talk about how they’re giving Boston a makeover from the inside out with their new A&E show “Flipping Boston,” and offer viewers renovation advice.

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>>> it has been a big week for boston , and as beautiful as the city already is, two handy guys are giving it a makeover one house at a time.

>> they are peter solaris and dave seymour from the a&e show "flipping boston ." take a look.

>> this is the worst idea we ever came up with. watch out for the hole. show these puppies how to get it done. wish me luck.

>> you do what you do. i'll do what i do. let's get out of here.

>> peter and dave are with us. you guys have the best chemistry chemistry.

>> i forgot how good i look in a dress.

>> the one time you let us see with the cameras. t it's been a huge week for boston . natalie with the marathon.

>> awesome stuff.

>> you guys have been doing great work. from a house that you guys recently just did, it was dubbed the stink house , which i can only imagine comes for good reason, right?

>> sure.

>> why was it called the stink house ?

>> it was nasty.

>> it was a property that was abandoned. it was a foreclosed property. all the degenerates in the neighborhood had been hanging out there. critters, kids. it wasn't pleasant at all.

>> let's take a look at the kitchen before here, if we can. so this is what you were dealing with when you walked in.

>> uh-huh.

>> kind of typical.

>> you only had, like, 30 days , right?

>> that was the original 30. we needed a little more time. but we pulled it off.

>> we did.

>> let's see what you did to it.

>> yeah, let's see the after.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> oh, my god, look how beautiful that kitchen is!

>> that's amazing.

>> you tore down a wall.

>> yeah, opened it up.

>> we opened it up, because a lot of these homes are just -- they're compartments. it's one limttle room, one little room . we love making an open floor plan , nice layout. kitchen, dining if you can. it makes for a much better space.

>> i understand the living room . i think there's a picture.

>> from another home.

>> this was the same home. so again, we're going to knock down this wall right here and you open up -- you actually see the staircase. the staircase was behind that brown ugly wall and it just opens the place up. nice simple stuff. nice accent lighting.

>> today, everybody wants that open floor space , so we have to give it to them as house flippers.

>> some people would say maybe that's a knockdown situation, but for you guys it's always an opportunity.

>> the uglier, the smellier, the better it is for us. that's the way we see it.

>> everybody else runs away from is what we run towards.

>> so you have another kitchen from another home. let's take a look at that and tell us what's wrong with that.

>> oh, this was great. this house was 200 years old and we had an issue with these fireplaces. i wanted to keep them, dave wanted them out of there. so at the end, we did a little combination.

>> let's see the after here.

>> and then we're left with that. so i brought in the new, left the old charm. repurposed lumber.

>> you made a coffee table out of the beams out of the floor.

>> you recycled, or upcycled.

>> exactly.

>> in the final episode , i understand you help a family in the boston strong, all the way through. tell me about that family.

>> this is jackie and paul. there they are right there. these guys, they went through a horrible experience, as many did. we wanted to just do something and we got together, we put them together in an amazing house for these guys. they love it. they appreciate it. we totally transformed this whole house for them. that episode airs this saturday.

>> 12:00 .

>> what a great show. thank