TODAY   |  April 23, 2014

Teen girl kicked out of prom for wearing jeans

In TODAY’s Take, Natalie Morales, Al Roker and Tamron Hall discuss a North Carolina girl who was sent home from prom for wearing red skinny jeans. “A lot of girls don’t like to wear dresses,” says Natalie. Al jokes, “Guys, you’ve gotta wear pants.”

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>> good morning, and welcome to "today" on this wednesday morning, april 23rd , 2014 . i'm natalie morales , along with al roker and tamron hall . willie is on assignment in chicago . he is covering a big celebration, the city marking the 100th year anniversary of wrigley field . what a great place. is he changing the scoreboard too?

>> could be. i think he was there with " morning joe ." the whole show was there.

>> he got to flip the numbers.

>> that's right.

>> that's a dream come true for a lot of people.

>> you know what else he got, 29 degrees. that's how cold it was this morning. he's in his puffy jacket. it is freezing there this morning. but typical chicago baseball weather. i said the only place where i've been to an opening day game where it snowed. unbelievable.

>> it's happened here in new york at yankee stadium .

>> oh, my gosh.

>> 1996 .

>> a true fan, though, you show up. rain, sleet, snow, you got it.

>> with the billy goat curse on the cubs and showing up in the snow, you're doing good.

>> this year, it seems to have been broken. because they're on fire.

>> not really.

>> all the cubs fans right now are like what? what did i miss?

>> 7-12 or something, but i'm not going to bring up that.

>> hey, it's early. very early.

>> there's always next year, cubs fans.

>> now, come on!

>> they say that every year.

>> i lived there for ten years of my life. it is -- in june and july, the most beautiful city. the people of chicago are amazing. but the cubs -- win the pennant, not probably going to happen any time soon. i'm sorry.

>> it is a beautiful stadium.

>> sorry, chicago .

>> come on.

>> they know i love them. give me a chicago style hot dog and a beer, that's a date. i love it.

>> is that all it takes.

>> that's all it takes, baby.

>> all right, let's take notes.

>> let's talk about this story again, we're learning more and seeing new pictures. new developments on this stowaway story that we've been talk about. overnight, khnl, that's our honolulu affiliate and other local media, published photos that purport to show the footprints and the hand prints of the teenstow away on that actual hawaiian airlines flight. nbc these has been unable to independently verify these photos. but the new images show what appear to be the boy's footprint on the wheel, as you see there, of the aircraft where he supposedly stepped to climb up until the wheel well. sources tell khnl that the stowaway teen passed not one, not two, but actually three pre-flight inspections. investigators do believe that the boy climbed into that space six hours before takeoff, then spent more than five hours in the air as he made his way from san jose to maui. hawaiian airlines couldn't confirm to us on tuesday that the usual exterior inspection was performed before the flight, but the company did say the protocol includes usually a visual review of any come papartment accessible from the ground, including the area of the wheel well.

>> you see the pilot walking around.

>> yeah. but are they looking up on the inside with a flashlight in there? i mean, i don't know.

>> that may change.

>> they may have to start doing that. the 15-year-old, as we're learning more about him, the freshman at santa clara , california. he recently started school there. friends say that he perhaps wanted to return to somalia where his family is from. police sources tell our honolulu affiliate khnl that he might have been trying to return to his mother and family in africa. officials in hawaii said the boy now fortunately good news here is resting comfortably in a hospital in hawaii and the hope is that he gets to go back to california soon. a long way from hawaii to africa as well.

>> still some question, did he spend that whole time, did he access the baggage compartment, which supposedly i guess you can from the wheel well.

>> i think it doesn't matter if he was in the cargo or the wheel well, we know he was on that plane, and that's the larger security question . i know that people are fascinated with the hasn't print. to america it doesn't matter where the hand print was, we know he was on that plane and they need to address these security concerns. i saw an interview with a passenger who was on that plane, and said listen, we were there, we think we're safe and there's someone stowed away . not to mention -- my heart goes out to this kid. obviously he's had some trouble at home. he wants to back to his mom. reportedly having trouble adjusting in high school . so it's sad. but, you know, security is security and there are major questions here.

>> clearly. can you imagine if it was somebody going up into the wheel well with a bomb and leaving a bomb up there. so i think a lot of people are thinking these are areas of the plane, parts of the plane that are vulnerable. you know, obviously getting through the security that he got through. i mean, it's pretty hard to do that. he got through fences and gates. but still, he managed to do it somehow.

>> wow. something we'll continue to follow.

>>> here's an interesting story. high school senior says she was kicked out of her senior prom because she showed up wearing jeans. okay? this is a picture of senior shafa rupard wearing her prom outfit, skinny red jeans. she and her friends went to the senior prom in north carolina last saturday. her mom said a teacher approached her daughter and asked her to leave because of the jeans. but she says there's no dress code in the student code of conduct book. she said she met with the assistant principal, and when she checked these items, she stated you're right, it says nothing about dress code . she says her daughter just wanted to go as herself. we've tried reaching the officials at cherriville high school , but of course, they're on spring break. so are jeans acceptable at a prom even if there's no written dress code ?

>> she looks really cute. she looks dressy still. she's an individual. a lot of girls don't like to wear dresses. so, you know, she's not wearing sparkly, sequiny dresses, but --

>> who's she hurting?

>> she looks great.

>> i'm more worried about the skimpy dresses that the girls are wearing.

>> me, too.

>> i'm not the fashion police here.

>> isaiah, my nephew, is going on his prom. he's got a lovely date. the first dress that we saw the picture of was very pretty. but i thought wow, that was a little risque for a young girl . i hope her mother's not watching right now. anyway, our second choice dress was beautiful.

>> why don't you ask your mom to call her mom.

>> listen, the bottom line is the dress that she's wearing is stunning, and i don't know about the dress code thing. i think you should be able to wear what you want. but there are some risque dresses. to me, that's more problematic than a pair of jeans.

>> the problem is if you start instituting some sort of dress code about wearing dresses, well, then --

>> what are you saying?

>> you're basically instituting a dress code across the board. you'll have to look at everybody individually.

>> and guys, you've got to wear pants. got to wear pants.

>> nobody wants to see you in a kilt.

>> that would be interesting. you know, some guy -- look, i'll tell you, at the golden globes and the oscars, guys are walking the red carpet , some of them in kilts and they look fantastic.

>> in shorts. we saw pharell wearing the shorts.

>> yeah.

>> wait main. what is that behind -- i just saw something. i'm sorry. i saw my prom picture. do not pop that picture up. do not --

>> oh yeah. oh yeah.

>> you've got to take this. there it is.

>> this is the southern bell prom.

>> that is my best friend tyson. and that's the contraption my mother hooked me in. but i think people talk a lot about fashion. fashion does not make who you are. it's about being an individual, who you are and owning i.

>> after the prom, did your mom put the drapes back up?

>> that was my carol burnett impersonation. that's how i made that dress. and sadly, i wore that dress to two different proms. because it was 1980 and that was fabulous in texas.

>> that's the thing, when you wore that stuff, it was in fashion.

>> it was.

>> i had some pretty bad prom dresses , too.

>> that dress was never in fashion. that was mary newton, my momma, making me wear that thing.

>> she didn't make it, though, right?

>> it looks like it, doesn't it? no, she didn't.

>> i was going to say.

>> how's tyson today?

>> he's still my best friends .

>> i'm just asking.

>> moving on, we all have dogs. we're dog owners and dog lovers around here. this one may take the cake to the next level for dog owners. take a look. it's a dog beauty pageant , but specifically, these are -- this is lucy. she's been named top dog in the 35th annual drake relays beautiful bulldog contest in des moines , iowa. lucy, by the way, beat out 49 other competitors to win a cape and a cake. that's why i said take the cake in all of this. best dress went to -- oh, there's delilah. working it, girl. that looks like my prom dress but in blue and white . the congeniality award went to baby.

>> so they're all bulldogs.

>> yeah. and our personal favorite, jasmine josephine, who wore a wig and a red and white polka dot bowtie. she's got the long wig, but a bowtie. she's got the edginess.

>> i love bulldogs. they have the mushiest, squishiest little faces.

>> they snore, though.

>> and the drool. you can't get that drool off you.

>> kind of like being married, isn't it?

>> i was going to say it sounds very familiar.

>> hey, you've got to check this out. normally when people get foul balls at baseball games, they cannot contain their excitement. they jump, they yell, they high five. check this out. one little boy at a giants-rockies game didn't do all that but his reaction, still priceless. the guy in front hands him the ball. this just makes the kid's day. look at this. he can't believe the ball. look at this.

>> he's like, what?

>> oh, my god, it's a ball. i love this ball. he is so excited about this. he can't believe it. that is great. he is stunned. you just handed him the hope diamond .

>> it's like "the lord of the rings ." like this is the ring.