TODAY   |  April 23, 2014

Matching mom and daughter fashion for a cause

Model Liya Kebede and Vogue magazine’s Sylvana Ward Durrett join TODAY to talk about the magazine’s partnership with an initiative that believes every mother and child should be able to live a life born free of HIV.

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>>> we are back at 8:44 with yet another great initiative. born free is an effort to ensure every child has the opportunity to live a life free of hiv . it has now partnered with "vogue" magazine, which features an exclusive collection at here is "vogue's" savannah warg durret. good morning to both of you here. before we bring out the moms and their daughters as well, why were you so inspired to be a part of this initiative?

>> well, you know, hiv and pregnancy from complications of pregnancy and childbirth are the two top killers of women in africa. me and my foundation have always been involved in trying to make sure that every woman gets the safe birth and the safe care that she needs during her pregnancy and childbirth. so the collaboration with born free , we're ensuring that every child is born free of hiv , meaning aiming to end mother to child transmission of aids by 2015 .

>> you're also one of the designers of the collection, i understand, along with 22 other designers, including victoria beckham , tory burch, donna karan . this dress is one of yours.

>> yes, it is. actually, the painting of a wonderful artist from kenya, who we all sort of collaborated with to do this great designs. and there's many more, i think.

>> yes. savannah is wearing a dress from the collection. it's beautiful. let's bring out some of the models. we have lauren and savannah, mom and daughter here, just absolutely adorable. this skirt is so cute.

>> savannah is wearing -- these are both prada print skirts. under $250, unbelievable for a prada skirt. you can wear them day and night , great for summer. little girls love to match their moms.

>> this is absolutely stunning outfits. and they are just beautiful. thank you, ladies. savannah and lauren. thanks. let's take a look at our next look. we have renada and alex .

>> alex has our j. crew cotton skirt on. look how adorable this is. again, such a versatile print. if you wanted to wear it in the fall, you could wear it with leggings. renada has isabel laurent top. every girl wants to wear her. an affordable price again. easy weekend look. and she's pairing it with this dvf baby bag , which is quite versatile. it can be a baby bag , but it can also be a summer tote. you can throw everything in it.

>> i know somebody who needs a baby bag soon. you need one, but also our savannah guthrie , so maybe i'll be buying that one. ladies, thank you. leah, you actually travelled to africa for this as well. what was that experience like?

>> it was incredible. we went with annie, who's just wonderful. she's just so perfect to capture the people's beauty there.

>> that's annie leibovitz .

>> you see the pictures. here these model, we have renada and alex -- no, devon and eleanor.

>> eleanor is in her victoria beckham pleated dress. and her mother is in a j. crew draw string print, and a nice striped tank to go with this. you could wear this for evening with a heel and a blazer and it's a super comfortable easy throw-on look.

>> i love that you can do the mother-daughter look here. and they come in all sizes, right?

>> all sizes. there's also things for little boys as well on the collection. so make sure to go to shopbop and check it all out.

>> thank you ladies so much. next, we have stephanie and brianna also in their matching outfits. tell us about these two pieces.

>> chloe is a name brand we all know. again, so affordable. in this little ruffle dress. she looks incredible and her mother in the matching ruffle top and short. it's a suit set almost. almost like putting on a dress. so easy to throw it on in the morning. print on print is very in right now.

>> i love that look.

>> you guys look fantastic. let's bring all the models out for one last look. ladies, thank you so much. this is just great. and such a great initiative. born free , as you mentioned, available on, starting right now. so get on there, it's for a great, great cause. thank