TODAY   |  April 23, 2014

T.J. Wilkins: Usher said it’s ‘honor to work with me’

Carson Daly takes us behind the scenes of “The Voice” to show us what it’s like for the show’s talented performers on an elimination day, and sits down for a chat with contestant T.J. Wilkins.

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>> this morning on "the voice" on "today," carson shows you what it's like on an elimination day for the show's talented performers.

>> earlier in the day, the artists were still riding high from all the excitement of monday night's first live show. just a little more than an hour before one of them would be going home , the final 12, soon to become the top ten, connected with their twitter fans, coaches and each other. minutes before the live elimination show begins, there are last-second touch-ups and nervous prayer.

>> unfortunately, two of you will leave us tonight.

>> and after viewers decided to save tess boyer, dani moz, and t.j. wilkins were sent home.

>> even though i didn't feel like i would be one of the ones going home , mentally i still was like well, you know, it could happen. so when you announced that i along with dani and tess were in the bottom three, immediately my mind went to okay, how do i make this performance better? your crying shoulder i'll be your love's suicide

>> what did your coach usher say to you.

>> you know, usher kind of whispered in my ear. he first of all said that it was such an honor to have worked with me. and i'm thinking to myself, no, bro, it's the other way around, it was an honor to work with you. the great eest fan of your life

>> a reminder, you can catch the voice monday and tuesday nights right here on nbc. you just came back from here.

>> i just met all them, too, so to see anyone get eliminated, it breaks my heart.

>> we saw you guys love.

>> i always do a double-handed