TODAY   |  April 23, 2014

Father and daughter inspire 100 good deeds

Author and advocate Mary Fisher joins TODAY to chat about working with a North Carolina dad and his daughter to make the “100 Good Deeds” bracelet that raises money for women in Haiti and Africa. TODAY contributing correspondent Jenna Bush Hager reports.

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>>> special series "one day, one deed." april's volunteer month, highlighting people who are making a difference in their communities. today contributing correspondent jenna bush hager is here with a father and daughter doing some really good things. good morning to you.

>> i am. i love this story. it started out as a simple game that one charlotte, north carolina , father began to help others. then his daughter took things to a whole new level. talk to me about what you're doing here. it's an idea that literally began on a shoe string.

>> i keep track of the good deeds on my shoelaces.

>> for every bead, there's a good deed. thomas morgan , a former investment banker turned documentary film maker, created the 100 good deeds game. you start with one deed, one act of kindness. the goal, to get to 100. what are the rules? there's two rules of the game .

>> you have to go out of your way to do it. whatever the good deed is. and if somebody recognizes you for it, or if you tell somebody, then it doesn't count.

>> so you can't tell me any of your good deeds?

>> the idea is if you start telling people all the great things you've done, you're doing it for you, you're not doing it for somebody else.

>> his 15-year-old daughter kylie turned the game into the 100 good deeds club.

>> we're packaging bathroom supplies to bring to a homeless soup kitchen .

>> and your oldest, your daughter really seemed to be attracted to it.

>> kylie was just very motivated by it. we messed around with beads on her shoe strings, whatever, trying to figure out how would we keep track.

>> have you seen your children be impacted the same way that you've been moved by their work?

>> my kids went and volunteered at a place called our bridge and it's for refugee kids. there's literally -- they have nothing. and that's when i was kind of taken back, like oh, my god, lack at this. like this is incredible. look at the differences made. you see my kids be like so proud, it was just unbelievable.

>> you're proud of them? sorry.

>> very proud.

>> proud dad.

>> yeah.

>> thomas then shared the game with author and advocate mary fisher , who turned thomas 's idea into the "100 good deeds bracelet." the bracelets are made by vulnerable women in places like haiti and africa. all the proceeds go to them.

>> when i told mary fisher , you know, my daughter tried this thing on her shoelaces, her eyes lit up. what if this is a bracelet? she said, wouldn't it be great if we could sell, like, 5,000 of these to help all of these women in five countries in a year?

>> thomas 's game, combined with mary's bracelets, have launched an "100 good deeds" movement.

>> i hope people think of opportunities to help somebody else. even if it's just that one day, maybe today, i'll move one bead or i'll change one thing, right? so you leave here and go and do something great.

>> that's such a great idea. mary fisher , the woman behind those bracelets, is with us now along with jenna, of course. very nice to see you.

>> thank you, matt.

>> you have been a tireless advocate for vulnerable women all around the world. you took the brings lets to places in africa lycra wike rwanda. what kind of response did you get?

>> well, it's amazing to watch women be empowered to work and make these bracelets. so every time you buy a bracelet, you help a vulnerable woman. and we're doing it in five countries now. i hope to open up more countries.

>> and the process of them actually making the bracelets makes them part of the process .

>> well, it does. and i sit down with them and ask them actually, do you know what a good deed is? and we talk about it. and what has someone done for you that one a good deed. and it's amazing what they come up with. you know, paying their school fees or helping them feed their children, taking them to the hospital. it all comes around.

>> some very kind person has donated a bunch of these bracelets to the people here in our audience. most of them are wearing them. plans to keep this going?

>> yes. well, if people buy the bracelets, we keep it going , and we want to go to more countries. the idea is that there are a lot of people that do big things , but this is the way that you can do small things in your community to help other people. you know, matt, when we serve people, we always feel better.

>> no question about it, that is absolutely true. mary, thank you so much.

>> thank you, matt.

>> jenna, thanks for sharing the story. appreciate it. and we're