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TODAY   |  April 23, 2014

Emma Stone calls out boyfriend for sewing remark

The actress put her boyfriend, Andrew Garfield, on the spot after he told a small boy that Spider-Man got his costume by sewing it, which he said was “a feminine thing to do.”

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>>> ladies, we all know that guys can say some pretty silly things from time to time. it can be kind of interesting to watch them try to dig themselves out of that very deep hole. the latest example, andrew garfield , the star of "amazing spider-man 2" was at a q&a with his girlfriend and co-star emma stone . he got caught in what you might call a dicey moment. it all started with a simple question coming from a young fan. take a look.

>> how did spiderman get his costume?

>> he made it. it's kind of a feminine thing to do. but he really kind of made a very masculine costume --

>> it's feminine how?

>> feminine in the sense --

>> oh!

>> it's meaning how you took that as an insult.

>> i'm not taking it as an insult, i'm asking how it's feminine.

>> i would say that femininity is about more delicacy.

>> maybe next time a take two. he went on to assure emma that he meant the remark as a compliment, adding that all young men -- in fact, i would say all men, have a feminine side .

>> very much.

>> and you embrinace it all the time.

>> and thankfully, they're still together. they worked it out.

>> after a night on the