TODAY   |  April 23, 2014

Lupita Nyong’o selected as People’s Most Beautiful

The former Yale drama student  who won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her breakout role in “12 Years a Slave” is revealed as People magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman 2014 in the Orange Room.

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>>> 7:51. drum roll , please. dylan is in the orange room in for carson. she is with "people" magazine's editorial director, the one and only jess cagle. this is a last-minute breaking news situation. they're going to reveal the most beautiful person, not in the country, in the world.

>> the universe.

>> everywhere. but, you know, we need to hear what he says. it's the big reveal. so that's why we had to do the mic thing there. it's jess cagle, "people" magazine's editorial director. you are here with that big announcement. you're here to reveal "people's" pick for the cover of the 25th annual most beautiful issue. so you were here on tuesday and you gave our viewers some clues. so let's remind people what they were. it's a woman. she has never been on the cover of "people" magazine before, so it's definitely not julia roberts this year. and she's beautiful, which i don't think counts as a clue.

>> a horrible hint.

>> just doesn't even count. people have been tweeting into the orange room their predictions, jennifer lawrence , lupita nyong'o and kate middleton . i understand they weren't really that far off.

>> no, they were not.

>> so we've got some smart viewers out there. so now, jess, it is time for the big reveal, and the winner for this year's "people's" cover, i didn't even wait for the drum roll , it is lupita nyong'o.

>> she is fantastic. obviously, the oscar winner for "12 years a slave," raised in kenya, the new celebrity ambassador for lancome paris . there was really no contest this year. she seemed like the only choice. usually there's a lot of debate. this time we were all in agreement. and she's obviously talented. obviously beautiful. she is incredibly stylish. but the way she carries herself with such grace and such humility, i think is what put her over the top . i fell in love with her right before the oscars, she did a speech at the essence black women in hollywood luncheon, and she spoke really frankly about -- the video went viral. millions of hits on youtube. but she spoke really frankly about having felt unbeautiful when she was a girl. and she would pray for lighter skin. and she spoke really openly about her journey to embracing the way that she looked. and then ultimately, realizing that physical beauty is not what sustains you. i just love her.

>> so beautiful inside, outside. she's absolutely radiant. coming up, we have the exclusive interview with now "people's" most beautiful coming up a little later. lupita