TODAY   |  April 23, 2014

NYPD’s Twitter campaign backfires

The New York Police Department’s social media campaign, #MyNYPD, has backfired, bombarded with tweeted photos of police brutality. Dylan Dreyer reports from the Orange Room.

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>> look who's here. dylan dreyer filling in for carson in the orange room . dylan, you've got the story of a twitter campaign that's backfired in a big way.

>> oh, yes. the new york police department has seen the wrath of social media . haven't we all. but what they envision was just a friendly callout for pictures of people posting and posing with the new york police department , went terribly wrong. it all started off real nice. they said about 81,000 tweets have come in with the #mynypd. and it started trending worldwide. but unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons. this is how it began. nypd news said, do off photo with a member of the nypd ? tweet us and tag it #mynypd, and it may be featured on our facebook. that started off fine and good. sounds great and looks great when people are sending in pictures like this. the tourist here. got the thumbs up. everyone's looking fantastic. but this is when it took a turn. the #mynypd was bombarded with pictures of police brutality . this is a picture from the associated press. and this one was tweeted many times, along with pictures like this. just certainly not painting a pretty picture for the new york police department . they released a statement saying, the nypd is creating new ways to communicate effectively with the community. twitter provides an open forum for an uncensored exchange, and this is an open dialogue good for our city. naturally, a lot of reaction coming in online. fre tweets, be careful what you ask for. social media engagement goes wrong. so, of course, we want to know what you think. do you think that this is one of those things where you should post pictures if they exist, or do you feel bad for the nypd ? we want to know what you think. so tweet us at #orangeroom. certainly a lot of response on twitter yesterday, guys.

>> yeah, you open up that floodgate, hard to close it.