Image: Late Show with David Letterman

TODAY   |  April 23, 2014

Colbert stops by Letterman ahead of ‘Late’ switch

Stephen Colbert dropped by his soon-to-be “Late Show” home on Tuesday night for a chat with David Letterman, whom he’s set to replace.

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>>> you see this? stephen colbert paid a visit to "the late show" last night. that's his first since it was announced that he will be david letterman 's successor. and the pair shared more than a few laughs. take a look.

>> you actually got a job, or were an intern, or tried to get a job here at one point?

>> no, i did not actually try to be an intern here. i was accepted as an intern here. and then i did a foolish thing. i did not take the internship.

>> and why was that?

>> because you did not pay people. dave, i've got to ask, the next job i'm taking here, that pays, right?

>> i have nothing to do with that.

>> in 1997 , i -- you guys were looking for writers.

>> right.

>> and i was gainfully unemployed. i was unemployed at a professional level. and my writing partner and i, paul dannello, we submitted a packet to you guys. i found the top ten list that we submitted. these are the top ten cocktails for santa.

>> top ten cocktails for santa. go ahead, paul. wait a minute, wait a minute. he didn't get that yet.

>> i'll never get it. what are you talking about?

>> he doesn't have the job yet.

>> can we do a selfie?

>> is this still what people do?

>> no, this is actually very retro now. there it is! thank you, dave.

>> thank you.

>> he's a natural.

>> they seem to get along very well.

>> really well.