TODAY   |  April 22, 2014

8 eco-friendly decorations for a birthday bash

Upcycling expert Danny Seo helps Kathie Lee and Hoda celebrate Earth Day by making a handful of eco-friendly crafts for your next party, including a garden hose floral basket, fabric bowls and a serving tray that uses CDs and DVDs.

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>>> put your party hat on. it is time to celebrate. not only is today earth day , but guess who's birthday it is?

>> danny seo . author of "upcycling celebrations" and he'll show you how to throw a fun and festive party.

>> and soon to have a magazine.

>> of his own called naturally danny seo .

>> very fancy.

>> coming out in july, thank you very much.

>> what are we doing here?

>> we're having an earth day birthday party . you take your old cereal boxes ma and make a little hat. make a cone shape like this and curve it to make your party hat . you take a little bit of craft glue along the edges and painter's tape. so it doesn't stick. it sticks but doesn't leave a mess. you have fun little party hats.

>> and added a little --

>> how did you maybe the poof?

>> little newspaper. little string and --

>> i want to give you one.

>> i don't understand how you made newspaper do that.

>> it is just a couple of scissor, twists and a turn and you get little poofs. very simple.

>> okay.

>> all right.

>> check this one out. old garden hoses, do you love these little baskets?

>> that's cute.

>> so easy to make and no special tools. a hose and zip ties .

>> oh, my gosh.

>> these turn out great.

>> isn't that fun?

>> you can demo this, have -- you have old bandannas, kids' t-shirts, you're making fabric bowls.

>> what are we making?

>> you're covering it with saran wrap and you just coat the whole thing with a lot of modge podge group or thick craft glue.

>> right on there?

>> literally --

>> just pour it.

>> you can pour it on.

>> trying to be nice.

>> see what happens.

>> sorry.

>> a lot of cleanup here.

>> the more you do, the better -- you want it to be really, really thick.

>> hoda should be doing really well.

>> careful. jerry has to clean it up.

>> that's a lot. but --

>> then what happens?

>> wait for it to dry, peel it off and you have beautiful fabric bowls. check out this. this is a great party favor bag. take a shopping bag , paint it in chalkboard paint and write happy birthday on the front, put your gift inside, don't have to buy a bag to do it.

>> that's good.

>> this i really love. check this out. if you take an old zipper.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> it is a little tote bag.

>> that's cute.

>> oh, my gosh. that's adorable.

>> clever, clever, clever.

>> and now check this one out. so --

>> if those are kathie lee cds , i'll be very angry at you.

>> i saved my kathie lee cds and they're in a vault. you take your old cds and we're going to make mosaic with them. and you dpglue them on the inside of the tray. and you take the mosaic mix, and you just smear it on.

>> smear it.

>> like this.

>> you wipe off the excess and look at this beautiful tray that you have right here.

>> come here, danny. come here.

>> come here, baby.

>> not 21.