TODAY   |  April 22, 2014

Brownie or vanilla cupcake: Which has more sugar?

TODAY health and diet editor Madelyn Fernstrom wants to help you drop a dress size by making smarter decisions when it comes to indulging your food vices. She says you should choose caramel nut bars over peanut butter cups, and mini egg rolls rather than mini pepperoni pizza bagels.

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>>> we're back on this booze day tuesday with more of "today." before the break, we gave you a brain teaser and showed you this sentence with five seconds to count the fs.

>> if you answered six, you were correct. if you answered four or five, it's because your brain likes to take short cuts and probably took the fs that sound like f and ignored the oned th es that sounded like v.

>> you can find more brain teasers at

>>> we found two ladies who want to get fit, beverly kelsey is here.

>> 36-year-old mother of three who says she's ready to lose the baby weight once and for all and wants to lose those sweat pants.

>> that's right. and luanne yost is a 51-year-old real estate appraiser from pennsylvania who is ready to gettiget her diet in check. coaching them along is madelyn fernstrom.

>> so, ladies, it has been an up and down road for both of you and you're done, you're ready.

>> yes.

>> motivated.

>> you got your slickers on. which is very flattering.

>> and the goal of this is, we're not talking so much about weight. it is more about getting into the dress. doesn't take a lot. it is a reasonable goal. so beverly brought along this lovely dress she is trying to get into. and luanne brought what everyone has, little black dress .

>> love it.

>> so this is really our goal the next two weeks. everybody knows what to do. people don't know how to do it. we're going to --

>> what are we talking poundswise?

>> a dress size can be anywhere depend upon your size, anywhere from 6 to 10 pounds. are these -- were these in your closets or did you buy them and you want to get into them?

>> i had mine for three years. i wore it once, so i would really like to get back in and have it look presentable.

>> i'm a mom of three little ones , so i didn't have dresses anymore. i noticed for the segment i didn't have dresses anymore i got a nice one i really want to try to fit into.

>> that's cute.

>> we're going to team up. i'm team beverly .

>> i'm team luanne .

>> we start with some things that are trigger foods for these two ladies. it is always the things that are harder for us to resist that can bring us down. we'll test your knowledge.

>> where are we --

>> you stand by your girl and we're going to go from start to finish.

>> okay.

>> we're ready.

>> question one. focus on candy.

>> come here.

>> you guys are here. i'll sit on the side.

>> there's an idea, madelyn. which one must you be because it has more fat for the same size serving, the two fun size peanut buttercups or caramel nut bars?

>> we won!

>> 20% more fat.

>> okay. all right.

>> i can't see with these things.

>> now, the baked goods.

>> these two.

>> these two.

>> which one must be beaten because it has the highest sugar?

>> and luanne and --

>> oh, okay.

>> the cupcake got it because the brownie has more fat.

>> which one of these snacks must be beaten because it has more fat per serving.

>> get in here. get in here. it is the egg roll !

>> yea.

>> i wanted one of those.

>> what the heck?

>> frozen treats. which one of these frozen treats must you beat because it has higher calories than the other? ice cream sandwich or two of these popsicles?

>> two of them?

>> two of them. it is the ice cream sandwich .

>> thank you.

>> these fun pops are a good snack.

>> who doesn't like this?

>> we have cheese puffs and corn chips . which one must be beaten? it has more calories for the same serving? cheese puffs or corn chips . it is the corn chips . kathie lee and liouisianieuanne are rocking today. which one must be beaten because it higher fat, the cheeseburger or the sandwich. the sandwich has more fat, about 50% more.

>> so we have time for one more?

>> how do the breakfast meals do you have to beat because it has more calories, the pancakes or the -- luanne , you would be right. this has more calories. and the winner is --

>> who won?

>> we did.

>> no. it was a tie.

>> it was a tie.

>> a tie.

>> all right. we're going to be doing that for five