TODAY   |  April 22, 2014

Transition into spring with layers

Style expert Rebekah George visits TODAY to show how layers are the key to dressing for spring as the weather swings from cool to warm.

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>>> it's that time of year when you throw on a sweater in the morning because it's chilly, or it's always chilly in the studio, but by the end of the day , you wish you had thrown a t-shirt into your bag.

>> we're going to show you how to dress with the spring swing with cool layered looks with style expert rebecca george. great to see you.

>> good morning, great to see you.

>> let's launch in. first up, samantha.

>> come on out, samantha.

>> she's wearing a cute layered look.

>> it's a great way to wear warmth but also your summer clothes now. it's whimsical, but also classic and crisp. i want to show you how to transition into a spring look. she's got the floral button-down. and unwrap that. this spring , what's especially hot, circle skirts with sneakers. she's going to show that off. a little selfie t-shirt. who doesn't love that? got it? sneakers are so on trend for this spring . thank god, because they're super comfortable.

>> she looks great.

>> let's bring out justin. he's got your classic pants.

>> this is a great look for the guys. put on your jacket. start with the old navy jean jacket. really classic for the guys. your bulkiest item can actually go first and then you can continue to layer and mix and match as the day gets warmer, or if it's night versus day. justin, hp you out there.

>> in this case, it's getting cooler.

>> exactly. this is a sleeveless hoodie. a great way to add warmth. only $20.

>> i love that you said the heavier look can go first because your mind would tell you thinner and then your way to the heavier.

>> for the spring , it's the opposite.

>> naomi is up next. this is beautiful.

>> looking fabulous in this maggie london dress. black and white , so on trend. here's a trick with black and white . if you want to layer, all you have to do is make sure your black and white are the same colors. you don't want to match white with cream. but you can mix and match different black and white patterns. so we're talking floorals and stripes. it will look great and it's a great way to wear your sleeveless items now. just add a little belt .

>> that's 30 bucks?

>> 30 bucks from avon. that's great.

>> next we have sinae.

>> i find the guys are really anxious to get into their shorts. so one way you can do this is add the warmth on top. so now, let's take off layer number one, which is a coat. now he's got layer number two, the cardigan. and if it warms up even more, hand that off to me. the cardigan. let's see your warm weather look. just a plain t-shirt is really crisp. add the sunglasses and he is ready for the spring .

>> the fedora is all the rage. everybody's wearing them now.

>> absolutely.

>> all you need is a messenger bag to put your layers in.

>> i'll be standing there hanging them up.

>> thank you very much, you look very nice.

>> okay, next, we have kristen. camo is very hot this season. camo and stripes, which i would never pair together, but this looks great.

>> you can mix and match them. for spring , camo is really big. if you don't want to get into the shorts or skirt just yet, you can do the pants. these are from old navy. the sleeveless shirt and dress are really on trend for spring , so throw that on. this is a great way you can wear it now by mixing with it the three quarter length shirt and then just tie this up. and then as soon as it gets warm, you can take off that layer and just wear this sleeveless.

>> i love the chambray sleeveless, because last year it was the full sleeve version that was so popular. this is the new incarnation.

>> you can even do the sleeveless chambray dress over the pants. it will work. challenge your layers, ladies.

>> you've got to be a little brave. come on out, everybody. good job.

>> very nice.