TODAY   |  April 22, 2014

Beats Music, Pic Stitch: Hot apps for spring

TODAY’s digital expert Mario Armstrong demonstrates some of the latest and greatest apps blossoming for spring.

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>>> there is an app for just about anything you can dream up, whether you want to get in shape or you're trying to figure out what to do with all the pictures on your phone.

>> here to help us is mario armstrong.

>> good morning, folks.

>> on this earth day , a good day to take those nature pictures . you'll tell us where we should put them.

>> that's a great idea.

>> let's start first with streaming music . there are a lot of these apps out there, but this one sounds really cool. this is beats music. how is this different?

>> there are a lot. this is a little bit different because it's all about personalization. you can play music off your phone, but this one is all about you pick your favorite artist, who you love, who you hate, what you like. but also it understands a little bit about your mood. right now, we're looking at different music that i can place based off of what the experts chose off of some of my choices. but it also can read the mood that i'm in and play a sentence. so it felt like this morning that i'm in the air and feel like punching walls with beautiful people to country music .

>> what does that mean?

>> i don't know what the sentence means. but it means i'm excited, amped up, want to have some great, up beat music . so if i play that sentence, it will play songs that mimic that. a lot of other highlights. you can do the basics, like going through typical genres.

>> it's $9.99 a month?

>> for one person. i do like the family plan. it's right under $15 for five different people, up to ten devices.

>> just don't punch any of our walls, if you don't mind. let's talk about the photo app pickstix.

>> i like this one.

>> this is the ability to make your smart phone photos into collages, so it's a free app. right now i'm putting in pictures . you pick the frame or the layout that you like and then you can basically add the images to those frames.

>> just touch the box.

>> it pulls up your photo album . you can just grab a picture and put it right in. what's beautiful about this is not only can you e-mail this or send it over social media , you can actually print it. you can send it to walgreens or something like that and make it a nice gift.

>> i didn't know that. i never did that. okay, next app. this is an app for entertaining and educating the entire family called sky guide.

>> i love this. we're talking about hanging out and doing fun family activities. you take your phone and become an amateur astronomer. so it know where is you are gps-wise. but it can also do cool things with the layers. so you learn all about the constellations. you point it to the sky. as you see, it's moving. and you can learn --

>> kids would love this one.

>> they would love this. a lot of mythology in here that you can learn as well about some of the solar system . it's really cool.

>> makes you look very smart.

>> how many summer nights have you spent misidentifying stars?

>> that's great.

>> when you can see the stars around here.

>> how about planning your wedding? appy couple.

>> i wish i had this app and everyone that's getting married should at least check this out. this is an app that creates your own wedding app and website for everyone. so basically, you can put in everything. you can put in your events, when you're having your bridal shower , travel, lodging. the ability to take rsvps for all your guests. but my favorite feature, while people are shooting pictures at the wedding, if they use the app, those pictures will show up inside of the app. so you're paying for your professional photographer, but all your family and friends are taking cool pictures in the moment from your smart phones and you get to see all of those images in the app.

>> half the time you never see all these pictures that have been taken. very cool.

>> that's fantastic. i'm a big fitness buff and i love a new fitness app. you brought one to my attention called hot five fitness.

>> the reason i grabbed this one is because i don't have a lot of time to work out and i don't look as fit as you do.

>> come on.

>> i've got five to ten minutes a day is all i can do.

>> you're a specimen.

>> this app does exactly that. they have great videos in here. they label it from easy to hard to medium. so you would know exactly what you're dealing with. you can make your own favorites of things you like. the timers are set for five minutes and it will count down. it will calculate all of this good stuff. i can put in calorie count and all of that as well. but i like the fact that you can go from strength training for abs all the way over to yoga as well.

>> five minutes, all you need, right?

>> and you can go up to 45 if you want to. but you can start at just five minutes a day.

>> i'm downloading that right now. all right, mario armstrong.

>> good apps.

>> thumbs up all around.

>> anybody want to get remarried?

>> no, no, no.

>> an app could do that.