TODAY   |  April 22, 2014

‘Property Brothers’ offer tips for eco-friendly home

HGTV’s “Property Brothers,” Drew and Jonathan Scott, join TODAY to offer advice on how you can make your home more environmentally friendly without sacrificing style.

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>>> we're back now with some new ways to make your home more ecofriendly, as we celebrate not only earth day , but green week here at nbc universal . here to make some greener choices with you are the hosts of hgtv's series "the property brothers," drew and jonathan scott . guys, good morning.

>> good morning.

>> your tweet followers have been killing me all week.

>> we told them to attack you with tweets. a brother from another mother.

>> people think about making more ecofriendly choices in their home, they think it's going to be time consuming.

>> they need to quit being lazy. it's easy. we're going to give people tips about what to do. but it basically comes down to choosing the right products and stuff that's going to be environmentally friendly. i am in the mood for ecofriendly opportunities right now. that's why i'm wearing my hemp man thong.

>> too much information.

>> it all starts with wallpaper.

>> why is that ecofriendly?

>> this is 100% paper and you can also find ones that are recycled materials. don't get wall paper that has vinyl.

>> it won't go through a heavy chemical process .

>> all you have to do is line up your pattern. you apply a little bit of glue on the back, not too much.

>> not overapply the glue.

>> once it's up there, spread it out, roll out all the bubbles. and then wipe the seems.

>> this is really easy enough that you're not going to have to spend more money by hiring a professional to fix your problems?

>> a monkey could do it. drew, maybe not. a monkey could do it.

>> a lot of people like the look of a painted wall as opposed to wallpaper. how do you like painting ecofriendly?

>> the big thing is with the paint itself, if you go no voc, it means volatile organic compound . it means it's safer. in the long run, it's better for you.

>> you can find it anywhere?

>> every brand has them. the vocs can cause respiratory problems and head aches, so it's better to have something like this. this is exclusive on the "today" show. you're going to see drew do some work.

>> this is my good painting jacket.

>> use the right paint for what you're doing. we roll the panels, use a trim brush on the inside. that is the easiest project someone can take on at home.

>> that's the most work i'm going to do.

>> talk about some ecofriendly materials. tell me about this coffee table.

>> anyone who knows jonathan knows he loves to troll back allease for dates. i mean, recycling materials.ys for dates. i mean, recycling materials.

>> i love repurposing materials. if you have a hobby --

>> that's like the kind you find at a supermarket.

>> he sand it down, stained. you can even finish the bottom. put antique chest paces. you're minimalistic, so put nothing in there.

>> i have no interest, exactly. you put the wheels on the bottom, which makes a nice portable coffee table.

>> you can spend anything from five bucks to 25 bucks depending on the style you want. just go bargain hunting.

>> the only thing i paid for were the casters and the glass. why are the pillows ecofriendly?

>> same thing, you want materials that are natural. cotton, hemp, wool. these pillows -- you can buy couches that have the stamp of approval from the fcc.

>> so with the leftover material from your man thong, you made pillows?

>> exactly. i made the whole thing.

>> you don't want to cuddle too much with this pillow.

>> you have a nice sleep on that right here.

>> talk to me about flooring and how to make it as ecofriendly as possible.

>> i could talk for weeks about bamboo because it's such a renewable source. it will grow almost four feet in 24 hours . it is incredible.

>> while it's on your floor.

>> you put this down and it spreads out. it's a grass. it's not actually wood. so the nice thing is, it's just as durable as wood. it's solid. it's beautiful. variety of patterns. very easy to put together.

>> you need two people to put this together. one to click it in and one to hold the hammer over top of him.

>> is it expensivexpensive, more expensive than a hardwood floor ?

>> surprisingly, there's a range, too, but very comparable. i've had situations where the bamboo is actually more affordable.

>> you've had some situations.

>> i've had a lot of situations. we could talk about this.

>> exactly.

>> this is more durable than typical hardwood as well.

>> last tip here, take care of the thermostat in your home.

>> the thing i love, though, it's not just the thermostat. i have an app on my phone where i control temperature in my home from anywhere in the world. i control lights, alarm, anything.

>> people spend a lot of money on programmable thermostats and everybody can relate to this. all you end up doing, you can't figure out how to program it so you just bypass it and that defeats the purpose. there's a lot of brands like this, nest, they actually memorize your sleep patterns and so you just set it a couple times and it knows you ursually get up at this time.

>> jonathan needs something like this.

>> i'm so alone.

>> he's been all over you today. he really has.

>> go easy on me.

>> drew and jonathan scott . thank you very much. "the property brothers."