TODAY   |  April 22, 2014

Fun and easy ways to celebrate Earth Day

TODAY shares some ways you can green your routine on Tuesday. Willie Geist reports from the Orange Room.

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>> we've turned it green today. today is earth day . put down a little felt for some blackjack later. matt, you can work on your putting here on the astroturf here. all our handles today are green in recognition of earth day . i want to tell you about this app called global soundscapes. there's a professor at purdue university . he's trying to capture all the sounds of the planet. he's doing a big study. says he can't be in all places at once, so he's getting the help of the general public . you go on to this app, hit record everywhere you are. our producer alex i think we have outside on the plaza. so alex will up load whatever he's hearing right here. up load it to the app, and then he will describe what he's hearing. he'll say this is new york, it's the "today" show plaza, and that way this professor of purdue can sort of assemble it all, you can describe it there on the app. at the end of the day , he'll have a big study with all the sounds on the planet. we ask you what you're doing for earth day . beth says i wash all my clothes by hand. al does that, too, it's fantastic. mary says no plastic bags, ask for an e-mail receipt when available when shopping. i see more and more of that at the grocery store. it's very easy. you carry it with you. it's one of the small things you do on this earth day .

>> i love the e-mail receipts.

>> line drawn clothing.

>> recording the sounds of the plaza. do that laugh you do before the show. no.

>> with the snort.

>> the one that ends up in a --

>> matt, the purdue professor just rejected that sound.

>> willie!

>> you said it was adorable.

>>> coming up, hgtv's popular property brothers help spruce up your home and they help the planet at the very same time.

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