TODAY   |  April 22, 2014

Collapsed marathoner carried by fellow runners

Fellow runners stopped to pick up a man who collapsed near the finish line at the Boston Marathon. Willie Geist reports from the Orange Room.

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>> the part that was hurting. everything else hurt.

>> all right, congratulations. by the way, willie, #bostonstrong and #gonataliego were trending all day.

>> all day. you can pick any one of a thousand great stories yesterday. this one really jumped out at us. wesley lowery is a reporter for "the washington post ." used to work for "the boston globe ." captured something as a man collapsed near the fish line. he goes down, but as fellow runners approach, they stop to help him. couldn't get his legs back. so one by one, runners stopped to pick him up. one on each arm, one on each leg. they physically carry him, first walking, then jogging across the finish line at the boston marathon . if that's not the spirit of that race, i don't know what is. what a great story.

>> and you saw that throughout. there are so many stories along the way. all of the athletes with disabilities. two people pushing them along and helping them. it was incredible.

>> also incredible, the weather. you couldn't script that.

>> it was a little warm.

>> it was beautiful.

>> toward the end especially, a lot of people collapsing at the end.

>> start off a hero, and then boom!

>> it was a good start.

>> good news is the weather ended up perfectly for most